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Vogue (1892- present)

The illustrative color designs of Vogue--both the quite amazing covers and the full-page presentations of articles--can be understood as a resurgence of the great French fashion and pochoir publication, Gazette du Bon Ton. Our collection features many complete editions from the 1930s, with the School of Paris-look delivered by an unsung modern master, Carl Erickson, who signed his work with the breezy abbreviation, "Eric." There is, however much more than breeziness being brought to bear upon illustrations of beautiful people under the pressures exerted by an imminent World War.

The covers of the September 1, 1936, July 15, 1939 and November 15, 1939 issues are remarkably incisive and resonant in this regard. In this they recall the great and touching pochoirs alluding to World War I in issues of Gazette du Bon Ton from that era. More generally, the Vogue projects from the art deco era frequently reach heights of fancy and delight that still lift the spirit in the twenty-first century.(Of special interest is a remarkably early instance, from June 15,1913.)

Format:12 3/4" x 9 3/4"; approximately 125 pages; condition generally excellent; specific information on request;text in English;illustrated in color and black & white on every page.

Enjoy a closeup view of classic Vogue modernist illustration from our collection. (Created by Shannon Uhera; 2011)