Though in our searches in Europe for lilting graphic art, we have often thrilled to the remarkable resources of vintage children’s illustrated books, we find that our collection is almost empty of North American products. There is, however, a 78 rpm recording with a sleeve graced by a modernist design, which we acquired from a Canadian  source a long time ago, which opens a window on a very distinct sensibility by contrast to the French library still numerous in our inventory.

Our summertime whimsy (from 1954) involves the Walt Disney film, “Pinocchio,” in its soundtrack, to be precise. The cartooning of its graphic touch entirely eschews the subtleties making French illustration so memorable. But it carries post-War rural/ suburbia dash, augmented by the Bing Crosby fedora of that jaunty boss-sphere delivery. The only visual, has nothing to do with the Pinocchio classic.

But here’s the Disney  Give a Little Whistle recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vF8ooxOhNU


And a fantastic Side Two: Pony Boy Buffalo Gals : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKrJ3B0qXLM




Cover of “Round the Mulberry Bush”

Fortunately, we do have an American vintage illustrative book aimed at children, but so brilliant in its optics it could lift the hearts of adults to serious heights. (The Disney vinyl reminds, “Two other [strictly] kiddie hit songs.”)

The gem in question (from 1938), namely, “Round the Mulberry Bush,” involves a grandmother telling her two granddaughters of her playhouse adventures when she would have been in Kindergarten,if Kindergarten had been invented by that time. The reminiscence had been sparked by the Depression-Era twosome watching their own playhouse being built. Rather than go into detail about the long-ago and unforgettable happiness (previously covered in the blog: http://www.idesirevintageposters.com/blogs/fern-bisel-peat-a-remarkable-and-unsung-designer/   ), we’ll leave things as a suite of illustration, graphic artist, Fern Bisel Peat’s. hugely accomplished labor of love.




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