Vintage graphics, so heavily indebted as they are to their Parisian roots, have had, through the past century, a pronounced tilt toward the chic and the discreet. But the radical energies which brought about Parisian distinctiveness had their wild side—as developments like Surrealist art clearly conveyed. Though our love for those witty, delicate and hyper-civilized gifts is second to none, we are also galvanized by the need, in this era, to speak to the more molten aspects of that alertness which true art is all about, and which exponents of the advertising metier have not failed to add to their repertoire.
Today our blog wants to celebrate the vernal, springtime zip of graphic promotions by that communications giant, Apple. During the span from 2005 to 2008, Apple produced a serigraphic, photo-informed series of posters aimed at those 21st-century denizens who, whether they know it or not, owe so much to the 20th century.
The instance above (as with the whole series, deliriously happy about the dynamics to be embraced by way of the iPod musical device) gives us an update of Josephine Baker and her banana skirt. 
                           Hot! Hot! Hot! Like the corps de ballet at the Folies Bergere!
                                        L’il Sis, dancing to her own Caribana Parade!
                                                    The dreadlocks of Brooklyn!
                                    An admission ticket to a new breed of music halls.
                                                         Dancin’ in the streets!
                                                                    Gettin’ down!
                                                     What a wonderful world!

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