Oftentimes, it is the setting that provides the main delight within a sports moment. The football game occasion, eclipsed by miniature golf, which is in turn upstaged by the bumpin’ refreshment corridor.The caddy, the course and the glorious Mediterranean shore upstage whatever the score might be.

The clay court as another planet pushes this French Open poster into a space walk, far from mere prize-winning

Yellow jersey or not, this anonymous rider is a mystery before all else—and in so being he is at one with the entire landscape of France.

The overwhelming power of the train (accented by the photographic delivery amidst this photo-montage poster), the white terrain and the diminution of the skiers alert the viewer to priorities far beyond athletic negotiation, as being the motives of the trip.

                                        A fairway stretching all the way to Spain!

                                                            Sheer recreation. Sheer magic!

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