Since the time of cave-dwellers, there has been mural art. Installing imagery on a much-frequented structure has, through the ages, elicited much-needed focus upon what makes life worth living. From caves to cathedrals, the setting would act as a complement to the illustrated incident.
Fast-forward to now, it is the exteriors of city buildings–where we work and play–which receive the new renderings of beauty and excitement. An especially fascinating form of this conjuring has come about by virtue of the Apple Corporation’s introducing new products for our streaming to infinite adventures. Periodically we see, along our hunting trails, gigantic enticements to rise beyond inertia, and therewith they operate as, far beyond mere product information, adjuncts to our keenest hopes.

Part of a long history of cherishing wild things.

The artisans of these dreams are painstaking, incredibly patient and stoic, in bringing to life wide open spaces in an urban blur that calls for painstaking, incredibly patient and stoic tempering of that shambles.
It takes about three weeks (in all kinds of weather and lighting) to complete one of these glimpses of another world to be woven into the nitty gritty grind. As such, the advertisement factor entails a kind of performance art, a super-slo-mo-circus.
There are many stairways to heaven.
We’ve been lucky in having such angels swirling into view right outside our windows!
Little did we know that this dancing figure from years ago would, in time, become part of our graphic holdings, which, in their own modest and wonderful ways, light up a dance scene that tends to get draggy.

                                               High Heels (2008) 72″ x 48″

Just as our ancestors in those caves, we hearken to a call of the wild.


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