Some time ago we visited friends who have a working farm near Roblin, Manitoba. Their life is very different from ours, but through the years we’ve all happily shared (largely by mail from the Post Office) the best of what we had to offer. Today we’d like to convey the special magic of farm matters by way of old print photos, and then by way of farm scenes appearing in our vintage graphics.

Though that combine harvester takes up most of the room in our first image, it also showcases the earthy spaciousness of its situation. The two of us were merely agog while Duncan, the real thing, tried to give us an idea of what such an apparatus could do. Here was a workplace closely bound to the elements!   jim_val_roblin_farm_10

For a pair who for years had lived in a flat surrounded with cement, this was like landing on another planet. The way we looked also implied visitors from outer space! But the warmth of this territory was unmistakable and reassuring.



jim_val_roblin_farm_11Another visit and a slightly different cast of characters. And Rover’s affection expresses that moment and that world at movie star levels!




This elephant-like helpmate has us treading beside a practical operation while being invaded with an impractical lift.




Here the graphic mobilization takes a long perspective to emphasize the soaring poetry taking place at the same time as “the right man” goes about his needs to make hay. (The horse-drawn harvester, shown as a tiny dot here, may be antiquated; but the basic instincts are right on the money.)




What could be more matter-of-fact than grasses? And what could be more welcoming to basic needs?




In a long view, part of the product-line. In a short view such as this, a company of notables noticing us.




That gaze, from the picture directly before this has been incorporated in the graphic design of this come-on to country life.




Beating a trail to many rewards. The equipment may have changed but those special motives haven’t.




Out by the beehives, clearly only one real farmer! I love how this photo is an instant object lesson in what it takes to love the land.




So right! Joan and Duncan’s garden by the house bearing lots of vegetables for canning and freezing or storing in the cold pantry in the basement for winter enjoyment.

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