On these pages we usually draw attention to remarkably finished products of design, not being conversant with or privy to the construction of such delights. We recently had the windfall (reminding us of the opportunity to observe the artisans of HERMES at the Design Exchange last September) to savor the craft of upholstery, due to fortuitously reconnecting with a long lost dear friend from the past, Paul Schofield, a true master of the many outcomes of fabrics.



Whereas we could contribute to finding the right fabric, colors and textures as meeting the other features of the room (importantly including a big sky and a big play of urban life), we (as during the HERMES campaign) could only marvel at Paul’s skills in conceiving of what amount of, and deployment of material would have to be completed. Therefore our account of this work sets in relief the degree of reckoning with the physical nature of the figure to be brought to an exciting presence.



First, a consideration of the cushions and the most apt directionality of the reddish fabric weave.



Then, getting down to the sizing of the remarkable twists and turns of the sofa format.



Having  gotten all the dimensions and done the sewing in a remarkably short time, there was not a moment  of doubt that the coverings would fit.



This is a very fortuitous photo, in its zeroing in on the tactile nature of the process of producing a great surface.



The completed sofa is, I think, most remarkable in its  ensemble of perfectly fitted perimeters. Over and above its comfort and play of colors, it’s an especially remarkable sculpture, enlivening the whole room!



Cats being masters of the tactile, here our Lola gives the work her seal of approval.

massa_tanzi  Massa & Tanzi ( c. 1935) Raoul Allegri;13″ x 9 1/2″;A, cdbd.

A graphic from our collection that emphasizes perfect contours.


au-bon-marche-vincent  Au Bon Marche (1922) Rene Vincent ; 11 ½” x 16” ;A, L

Paul has produced amazingly inventive, exuberant and witty apparel. He has deployed his design endeavor into the zone of bespoken artisan (of custom goods).


pan-dominiqueDominique (1928)Anonymous;12″x 9 5/8″; A,P, Graphic  from PAN

This deco promotion sizzles with the understanding that nothing avails but the most energetic devotion to perfect lines.


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