lowry4We’ve had a (3-point) shot of excitement and dashed hopes these days, courtesy of the basketball Raptors of Toronto (“WE THE NORTH”). Playoff fever is a phenomenon worth thinking about, at an historical juncture where professional team sports have, to a significant extent, taken over the role occupied by tragic theater in the distant past.


Harpers Cassandre Mar15,1940Harper`s Bazaar;March 15, 1940;A.M. Cassandre;13″ x 9 3/4″;A, Cover,

There is, within the Golden Age of graphic art, fabulous evidence that fascination with the allure and pitfalls of wild thrills has been taken very seriously and given blue-chip attention.

Here the supernal A.M. Cassandre finds the sweet spot concerning (a sandbag-fortified) Paris on the brink of a Nazi invasion. Here the disaster that is military war is evoked in the most subtle way, attentive to a draft of passion that has a startling kinship with the keynotes of Parisienne chic.


Harpers Cassandre Mar15,1939Harper`s Bazaar;March 15, 1939;A.M. Cassandre;13″ x 9 3/4″;A-, Cover

“Baby, it’s cold outside.” But that tense half-smile speaks volumes! (The domestic concerns of the birds brilliantly set in relief the more comprehensive priorities of humans.)



L’Illustration; April 15, 1950;A.M. Cassandre;15″ x 11″;A-, Complete Magazine

Cassandre’s post-War glimpse of solitary pleasures not exempt from or indifferent to stormy visitations.



Nomads of the North;  c1920;Anonymous;41″ X 28″; A-, L

Seemingly anticipating the rally cry of “WE THE NORTH,” this silent movie poster delighting in suspense says it all by way of the heartfelt care of the graphic invention.


La Marchande de Billets (2)La Marchande de Billets c.1946;Dignimont; 20″ x 14 1/2″;A-,P

Here the business of drama—the Lottery, as it were—reminds us of the first step of buying tickets for a Game Day that might bring a wealth of glee or a storm of disappointment.



  Yu Li San c1950;Anonymous;28″ X 19 3/4″;A, L

Game Day, Game Face “Enigmatic.”


un-guichet-de-loterie-smUn Guichet de Loterie  c.1946;Louis Ferrand;20″ x 14 1/2″;A-,P

Tickets in hand. Can’t wait to see what happens!

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