Women used to—and, in some parts of the world, they still do—counter sweltering days and nights with hand-driven fans. During the heyday of European art deco, paper versions of those devices would be provided with great (usually) poster graphics. Therefore, you’d have cooling relief and lucrative sizzle all wrapped up in one package. Moreover, the motion provided by the owner would bring about a version of the underlying dynamics of the vignettes of the graphic input.  

That first graphic is doubly effective in its ethereal subject—the dynamics of which masterfully rendered by posterist, J. Spring.
In the work above, we have—in the words of Ordell Robbie, in the movie, Jackie Brown, something “too cool for school.” Both sides of this vision are graced by deco designs at the ne plus ultra zone. Too cool for the sidewalks, or anyplace in daylight, this is a party number, no question about it!

A party scene, at the cocktail hour, and decidedly tony. But somehow it clicks with the folks in the afternoon, along the boulevards and backstreets.

An image for cognac, which exudes old-time gourmet quality. Definitely to share along steaming sidewalks.

This little gem has to do with a chain (flock) of Brazilian jewelry shops. With a text on the back having too small a font to communicate on the street, it can be  fluttered (in contrast to the gorgeous but stationary  exotic bird) so impressively, a passer-by might stop the bearer and ask to know more about its beauties.

                                                      This fan-front soars by day!

The same fan as that directly above; but showing a back to be quietly glided indoors, at night, and at the quiet ending of a hectic day.

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