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We guarantee that every item in our collection is an original vintage poster. We know it is impossible to make a decision to buy based solely on this promise and our website pictures. We are happy to provide more details about the graphic prior to your decision. On receiving payment by cheque or paypal, we'll send out the item or items by UPS, or a courier of your choice, at your expense. If we have not heard from you 3 days after delivery, we'll bank the payment. Should you decide not to buy, let us know within that period and we'll return your cheque or credit your paypal as you return our graphic(s). The items must be returned at your expense in the condition in which they were sent, couriered by UPS, with all the appropriate shipping documentation.

Accompanying each purchase/sales receipt will be a certificate of authenticity and any data we have concerning the artist and subject.

We are also happy to offer payment plans to suit your budget.

Guide to our descriptive codes accompanying each graphic:

These ratings are subjective and the opinion of the seller. A "+" or "-" can further describe condition.
A condition The item is in fine condition. Colors fresh and no paper loss. If there is a slight tear, or folds, it is very unobtrusive.
B condition The item is in good condition. The colors are good. Perhaps some slight paper loss but it does not detract from the image.Restoration, if any is not immediately apparent.
C condition The item is in fair condition with colors being faded and more pronounced restoration. Any folds are more visible, possibly some minor paper loss occurs.
L Mounted on acid-free paper and canvas
J Mounted on acid-free Japan paper
P Unmounted (i.e. paper)
Cdbd Mounted on heavy paper as indoor sign
F Framed

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