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A.M. HOPFMULLER (dates unknown)

How fleeting and unnoticed was the work of designer, A.M. Hopfmuller, for the equally-ignored art, dance and film publication, Shadowland (1919-1923)? There is no reference to it at all in the otherwise encyclopedic compilation by Pat Kery, Great Magazine Covers; and only the briefest of notices in her Art Deco Graphics.
Therefore, we consider ourselves remarkably fortunate to introduce here a substantial body of this work. The stature of these compositions and their color panache, as complemented by great paper and lithography needs little insistence. Here is an art deco master taking the genre to astonishing levels.
You will note that some of the pieces were embraced by a collector averse to typography. Fortunately, this bizarre predilection cannot tarnish the treasure.