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Our iPod graphics gallery, about turning us on the magic of music in its many motions, wants to display how the metier of poster art has evolved from easel inspiration to that of movies. The shift in format entails enlistment, of a venerable tradition of excitement, into more full-bodied galvanization, in order to meet the special impediments to headway in the 21st century.

These rare works are extremely large and a perfect addition to any room that is wanting a blast of color and great design. They also involve deluxe, firm paper stock---facilitating hanging from clips or with tacks, thereby offering the option of foregoing framing. Enjoy our   iPod blog.

Apple’s iconic posters were designed by the TBWA/Chiat/Day agency to advertise the iPod. From 2001-2008 these memorable posters were seen not only in bus shelters but also were reproduced on walls by mural artists. Watching for the 3 weeks it takes to create such a mural version of the Apple ad on an outdoor brick wall, was in itself an event, as captured in our blog .

We look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy!!