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vintage Canadian railway poster Travel Canadian Pacific 1959
Peter Ewart
35 ¼” x 24”
A-, L

Right on time for summer travel joys, we bring to you a dash of sunny anticipation from the days when passenger trains were not just a means of marching you into work! The observation dome in full view evokes soaking up far away beauties under azure skies. Enough, for a few days anyway, of routine and narrow focus, and instead bring on surprises and new people and places!
Our guide, as rendered by the super-effective, Peter Ewart, gives us a quintessential 1950s working girl thriving in that special time of the advent of modernity for all. Her workplace is top-of-the-line civilian speed wagon; but it's something more. It's an instance of a new and vaguely mysterious simplicity, its lack of fussy adornment signalling a more adventurous disposition toward the world. Her attire and coiffure coincide with that flare which Ewart has so well devised within her rather enigmatic smile. A rare Canadian Peter Ewart poster!

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