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vintage modernist poster Take a Trip to Lotus Land 1960s
Milton Glaser
37" x 23"

Milton Glazer is an American graphic artist and all-purpose designer whose output of lithographic and silk screen vintage posters is an ongoing master class in evoking the emotional freeway that sprang into view in the 1950s and especially 1960s. Our instance in this posting, from our collection, especially pertains to the notion of Lotus Land, a precinct where common sense takes a back seat to uncommon sense.
This design prominently features Glazer's sharp instinct for color contrasts to endow a realistic focal point with the capacity to go wild. Amidst a spare and sombre take-off point, the lush floral eruption serves notice that Lotus Eaters are on to something Big, and that killjoy Odysseus was wrong to drag his crew away from them. The single blossom in the subject's hand functions as a kind of high-wire performer's balance pole, offering the prospect of sound--even corporate--traction derivable from daring modern initiatives.
The work here represents a means to identify that, for all its corporate savvy and mainstream ingratiation, the genius of Glazer entails a heavy smack of the uncanny energies struggling to thrive in a geek-canny juggernaut. "Take a Trip to Lotus Land," he recommends. But, thereby, would he be oversimplifying the issue of acuity? At any rate, this poster's vintage inheres in its glorious evocation of the thrilling, unfinished business of modernity.

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