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vintage Italian poster Campagna-Con la Ferrovia Fuori 1944
50 ½" x 35 ½"
A-, L

The glamor of railways of long ago tends to be maintained by vintage graphic art along lines of powerful and beautifully designed locomotives pulling the most pampered riders ever seen. This choice would stem from jurisdictions wanting to make a big splash about the strengths and well-being of its citizenry.
Our Poster of the Month today adopts a very unusual approach, making it a railroad litho of remarkable distinction. Here we have a seldom, if ever, used rusty little remote line with flashy crossing barriers redolent of happier days. Some of the residents of this rustic rust-belt are pictured enjoying the peace and quiet of a Swiss farming community on a glorious spring day with its pink blossoming trees. There are hints that they're on the way to or from church.
The year is 1944, and the setting is one of the rare havens untouched by the shattering War all around. The Italian text reads, "A Country Stroll by the Railway Tracks..." Swiss subtlety at its apex, the scene transmits that such transportation is still in business; but that that rather characteristically weird and sterile atmosphere prevails. The little dog scolding the company may be in place to imply that troubling compromises have been struck. All we see is their backs.
And yet, the fine composition and coloration exert a delicately primordial charm. I'd say this is one of the most mysterious and haunting railway posters you'll ever see!

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