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original vintage Canadian travel poster Canada Vacations Unlimited c.1955
G. W. Goss
24” x 18”

What a splendid and inventive graphic design we have here, by a portrait painter! The family in the foreground does gain from idioms of the time in apparel and hair styling. And the grouping benefits from portraiture strategies of old, still solidly entrenched. But I think the remarkable feature here has to do with the overall presence, coinciding with the theme, "Vacations Unlimited."
The family has already arrived at a lake and verdant shoreline, which could easily be enough for a summer vacation. But they see beyond the pristine amenities, toward a full range of recreational facilities of the resort, attractions like golf and horseback riding.
Moreover, that cloud of opportunities suggests that all of Canada is a fascinating treat. (The cloud sort of approximates the geography of Canada.) By the mid-1950's car travel was very widespread and those vignettes, with the prominently placed sedan, suggests that Canada's rustic enjoyments cannot be exhausted in a lifetime.

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