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vintage Ireland travel poster Ireland-Travel in Comfort c.1950
39 ¾” x 24 ¾”
A, L

What makes this a poster design you’d come back to often, after being initially charmed, is its play between the geometric and the organic.

The heart of the work, a train disappearing into a distant expanse, trails two parallel tracks converging in a point of infinity. The linear tan-colored tracks are punctuated by rectangular ties, also in tan. The viewer looks out at this ethereal play of forms from a viewpoint within a tunnel the entrance to which has been formed into a symmetrical arch, with straight lines and right angles completing the structure. The text is also ordered in a strict pattern of straight lines and symmetrical arches.

Emanating from this transportation marvel of predictable presences, we have, first of all, the puffs of smoke trailing back from the little dot that comprises what is left from the train.
These forms trail back into the tunnel with us; and they are irregular, textured and worlds apart from the mathematics. Similarly, Ireland itself—rolling green meadows and purplish mountains—offers surprises in direct contrast to the predictability of the transportation. “Travel in Comfort” the tag line proposes. But also, the poster conveys to us, be prepared to be swept off your feet by earthy beauties and the jaunty little shamrocks like the one with three leaves at the side of the track close to our vantage point. The phrase, “Travel in Comfort” is in an antiseptic white. “Ireland” is in glowing green!

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