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original vintage Egypt travel poster Alexandria Pearl of the
Mediterranean c. 1955
39 ¼” x 27 ½”
A-, L

When was the last time you regarded those Middle Eastern places on the Mediterranean as sources of the new and joyous? We've recently come across a startlingly beautiful vintage poster depicting a place when it was a pace-setter of a special level of gusto and joie de vivre, in 1959, to be exact.
The port and beach of Alexandria has been embraced here in its antiquity in such a way that it functions not simply as an ancient Greek presence, but also an instance of that primality comprising Surrealism. The Greek column is a reminder of other ways having obtruded upon the territory's tendency to over-calculate. (Alexander the Great had left his brand on the centre, when bent on invasion, in 331 BC.) The designer here has keyed his composition along lines of the sensual resources of the indigenous population. Accompanying the remarkable muscularity, there are the perfectly tuned blue and gold of the surround and the tan of the constructs slowly disappearing. The rivulets and candy-coated accessories lend a playful additional spark.
Here the epithet, "Pearl of the Mediterranean," is cherished for a history having maintained for eons its forward-looking sense of beauty and sense of creativity! If there is such a thing as a brave vintage poster, this will fit the bill!

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