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vintage modernist poster Massey-Ferguson c.1960
J.C. Rousseau
44” x 62”
B+/A-, L

There are many roadways depicted (in vintage posters, and movies) seen by way of prominent highway mediums setting off picturesque and thrilling adventures. There are, on the other hand, very few presentations of farm vehicles drawing upon that geometric aspect.
In our Poster of the Month, considerable wit and innovation have been expended to convey that the Massey-Ferguson tractor is, in addition to a big-scale workload, a thing of beauty. The stylization of the farmer's field with its rows of furrows, lifts us back to a humorous, far from action-hero driver headed for the stratosphere on a sort of Lost Highway-cum-Flash Gordon blast-off! Not only the patterning but also the coloration contributes to the heft of a seemingly tossed-off confection.
The engine room of this rover brings to bear another pleasant surprise. The multi-triangle form of the driving force comes up with a facsimile of the product's steel as stamped with a down-to-earth logo/ symbol of the corporation.
(This being a Canada Day posting, let's recall that the company in question was for years an iconic feature of Canadian society and the Canadian economy.)
As a coda, we salute the chromatic panache of chording sunset reds to salute the long hours the client puts in. (That he's smiling and vivacious after a long day represents a tribute to the "ultramodern" convenience.)

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