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vintage entertainment poster Swan Lake (Net Zwanenmeer) 1972
Toer van Schayk

Swan lake is perhaps the quintessential and most famous instance of all the ballets. Its mixture of romance, hostility and melancholy usually comes to us, in promotional actions, with a bumper crop of dazzlingly glamorous and graceful principal dancers.
The promotion seen here, however, for a 1972 production by the Dutch National Ballet, chooses to distil the human factor to its mystical powers. The swans are completely swans and therewith the lake and its environs proceed to steal the show. Tchaikovsky's musical score drives a hard Romantic-era bargain replete with allusion to shimmering dynamics uneasily balanced with bombastic melodrama. Someone in Amsterdam decided that what late 20th-century traffic could really twig to is a panorama of the elemental dimension of love.
Therefore, artist, Toer van Schayk, kicks off with compositional and chromatic initiatives of remarkable interest. Drawing upon Dutch Art Nouveau--Niewe Kunst, New Art--resources, he gives something old/something new all at once; but with a premium upon the new. I love how the linkages along the border show black outweighing white.On the black sea, excitingly graceful eventuation touched by a brief opening in dark, moon-shrouding cloud reveals highlights of breathtaking impact. The magical creatures are about to plunge over a cataract; but all is not lost!
About the artist:
"Toer van Schayk (born 28 September 1936) is a Dutch ballet dancer, choreographer, scenic and costume designer, painter, and sculptor. He is one of the creative triumvirate that brought the Dutch National Ballet to international prominence in the latter half of the twentieth century." (Wikipedia)

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