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vintage transportation poster Air France Great Britain 1952
Lucien Boucher
39” x 24¼”
A-, P

Now that it's January the days are getting longer and the allure of greenery is at its height. Here the always-resourceful, Lucien Boucher, delivers a color-poem stemming from the Gulf Stream.
The foliage does not confine itself to nondescript, temperate vegetation but rather it shows off a rich variety of growing things. The manor house is surrounded by a veritable museum of trees, an arboretum. We are struck, first of all, by tall, silvery-green guardians, at least a hundred years old. Among the supporting cast are delicate sprays of smaller leaves and at least one pine. A Japanese-Maple-like reddish plant hugs the wall and pink, russet and yellow shrubbery plays out toward us. The manor's pond sustains marsh grasses and a meadow proceeds from there, dusted with wild flowers. A small flock of sheep become golden in the evening glow, seemingly doing their best to fit in visually. Around a larger body of water a mile or so behind the house, there are stands of trees, some of them lighted up like the sheep. Distant hills glow pink and blue.
That the shadow of London's Tower Bridge reaches into that bucolic yard startles us a little. But, like the Air France craft still in take-off disposition rising over the property, the touches of industrial and post-industrial constructs seem to assure that diligence about the land will not be betrayed. This is the mildest form Boucher's Surrealism will ever take, a remarkably upbeat visual poem to a venerable heritage well worth visiting.

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