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vintage French poster Bally Lotus 1973
Bernard Villemot
62 1/4" x 46"

When we come to an instance of vintage graphic design like this one, we pause for quite a while before saying anything. Then the first words that come to mind are, "This could only be a French invention." Sexy, deluxe and meditative components are rife in vintage advertising design, but, as this poster invention quite startlingly conveys to us, there is something fascinatingly unique about our instance here as devised by that patrician and arts salient scion, Bernard Villemot, on behalf of a new line of women's shoes produced by the venerable Swiss concern, Bally.
In accordance with a long-standing intent on behalf of that firm to bring industrial/fashion design to advanced levels (and to promote modern fine art exhibitions), the remarkable finesse and edginess of Villemot's metier meant that he was clearly meant for that enterprise. He readily found his way to compositional features that would coincide with a premium upon solitude and kinetic intimacy in modern art, the modern art, for instance, Henri Matisse.
The vignette here dispenses with everyday details and shows two figures dedicating themselves to simple and mysterious powers, thus locating the pristine footwear within a pacesetting range of exciting discovery. Villemot magically transmits these rather daunting priorities by way of direct visual features alone---form, color and composition---to an upshot of haunting elegance.

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