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vintage travel poster Hawaii by Clipper 1948
Pan American World Airways
John Atherton
42" x 28"

When you think of Hawaii, warm sunlight and ravishing beaches take over. Implicit in that surge of sunniness, there would also be a broad range of sheer pleasure.
In the 1950s, when this vintage lithograph was strutting its stuff, there would also be a widespread recognition of the 9/11-like Pearl Harbour rain of death from the skies which brought the United States into World War II (WA II is etched in the top banner). That would be a significant ingredient going into this lovely but rather subdued look at ecstatic fun. The dancer is more a monument than a party animal. The attenuated Clipper sea plane (which would be landing at a waterfront Pan Am hotel) is both a blithe evocation and a sobering reminder. The bounty of the land at the dancer's feet reminds us of floral tributes to the fallen.
I think the special power of this remarkable reflection in the form of a "System" of relaxation consists of looking ahead to a mysterious future, filled with both delight and danger.

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