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Vintage art deco poster Fourrures Canton c.1930
Charles Loupot
50" X 36"

The adage, "Clothes Make the Man" [or Woman] takes on a new lease with this magnificent lithograph by Charles Loupot (1892-1960), one of the major colorists of vintage lithographic poster history. Here the figure, looking like a carriage-trade snow-lady, has come to a halt in her ermine fabulousness, with snow all around. The overall compositional and chromatic design is flawless. Are we, however, to leave that presence as if it were sheer materiality; or do we proceed to that haunting face?
Over and above the cold, she is, it seems, in the midst of an awakening to the rigors of which way to proceed. I don't mean where to travel that day; but how to travel at all! We could cut this off with regarding her as merely spoiled. (Like Proust putting his foot down about Albertine's expecting a Roll Royce and a yacht.) But I'd like to think that what makes this eye-opener so special is its driving the promotion into the really stormy weather of modern intent and its excruciating promise of wild poise.

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