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original vintage French poster Cognac Monnet 1927
Leonetto Cappiello
78 1/8" X 50 1/4"
A-, L

There are many strategies for coping with January, the dead of winter. Our Poster of the Month for January comes to us from that avatar of graphic-art dash and delicacy, Leonetto Cappiello, who never lost track of a world where joys prevail.
Here the watchword, for selling the treasures of cognac, runs, "... sun in a glass..." What could be more germane for countering nature's portion of darkness and freezing? Well, in fact, we could soldier on with bringing about the plus side of a harsh dispensation. But here we have, in addition to a tantalizing spirit, the still-new modern discovery that the commerce of mood-alteration is far more significant as an unlocking of a bounty of inventions by way of the grace of nature the story of which has only just begun!
The spunky, far from precious sprite, wields a whack of good cheer going to her vision with the heft of a space ship. This far from mundane delivery is all about a future which is ours to realize in its riveting beauty. In addition to the brilliant color lithography, the very large format accentuates the core values here. What better way to toast a New Year!

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