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vintage transportation poster British European Airways 1948
39 ¾" x 24 ¾"
A-, P

Back in 1948, with Surrealism still at high tide and airports being fairly restful, the aviation industry would have been quite a bit more OK about mysterious objects on the go than it is today. In those days, too, having the terminal and the plane a football field apart was part of the fun.
Inanimate objects (and the occasional pet) were of special interest to the market-share calculations of the British European Airways right after the War. Having them cavorting on the tarmac would seem also to disarm all the novices in those days a bit shaky about leaving terra firma. The wings sprouting on the cargo refer to its travel mode; but also they entail the delight of a new mobility.
I like the configuration of the baggage cart moving away from us, but at the same time there being anticipation of the goods going skywards in heading toward us. An elegant vintage poster, suffused with a whimsical, surreal celebration of heading for heights!

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