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vintage French poster Salon de l´Automobile et du Cycle 1950
Jean Colin
23 ½” x 15 ¾”
A-, P

Graphic designer, Jean Colin, has, in this French vintage poster, shown that he takes his work seriously. Rather than merely replicate some of the hot new items coming off the assembly lines, he wants the viewer to be up to speed about the delight to be found in the dynamics of driving. The steering column and the driver's limbs--all in blacktop coloration--trace roots not simply about the tires but about a more tactile purchase upon the ride.
Only with that urgent design priority well under way, can we fully appreciate the other components constituting the full value of the promotion. The seat with flags from participating countries sustains the linear priority of the roadways and offers a sharp contrast of far flung destinations. The juxtapositions of the roster of those emblems is so fascinatingly chosen as to provide another dash of energy in accordance with the era of having weathered a devastating war. The asphalt grey of the wider expanse speaks to the mundane material being graced with so much useful and thrilling invention. The blank field beyond the window and the driver deftly conveys that the products represent opportunities that the buyers have to create for themselves. A design both elegant and lighthearted.
This poster is for the Annual Paris Motor show (Salon de l’Automobile) and in 1950 it was also for Cycles. The Grand Palais is a beautiful exhibition hall on the Champs Elysees that still exists.

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