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original vintage British travel poster Bridlington LNER c.1925
Graham Petrie
40” x 49 ½”
B+, L

There are two design initiatives sustaining the seductive beauty of the vintage poster, Bridlington, a British Rail promotion from the 1920s.

The first is a capitalizing upon not only the sunny, temperate weather of the Yorkshire coast but also a repository of fine Georgian (chalk-colored) architecture there. In our wonderful graphic, a sunny haze prevails and the smartly-dressed locals promenade on the imposing dock which shelters the crafts of the town’s fishing fleet. The classically-inspired structures along the strand add their light coloration to the unhurried, gracious impact of the pastel attire and the stone work of the dock.

But there is even more to the energies within this graphic design. Its seaside play of light and shadow--and its prominent flag--take us back to Claude Monet, especially his painting, “Garden at Saint Andre.” As with the poster, Monet’s canvas conveys the excitement and grace of an afternoon at a tasteful seaside locale.

That two-phased Impressionist inspiration of our Poster of the Month would draw many sightseers to the LNER (London and North Eastern Railway) offices to book their visit.

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