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vintage Spanish  travel poster Sevilla 1920
S. Martinez
93" x 55"

There are still places, on our climate shake-down of a planet, where sunlight becomes a treasured local food. Spend a few days in Sevilla and then you'll become light-dependent! It seems to me that the long-forgotten designer/ artist, "S. Martinez," was thinking about this mystery as a special gift when he approached the obligatory poster-promotion for the fiesta of 1920.
The scene covers one of the grand municipal park-gardens of the Old Town, with the magnificent Giralda (bell-tower) Cathedral (formerly a mosque when Muslims controlled Spain), being an obligatory feature of any such graphic revelation of the affairs of this close-to-Africa bailiwick. Bedecked with the copious blossoms and fruits stemming from that singular sunshine, she becomes a representative of the city. But, as positioned, she is not simply about a tip that fun in the sun is on the way, but rather the quality implicit in her presence.
The gown she's wearing would seem to be a bemusing weight for near-Sahara heat. But there seems to be about Spanish life an extraordinary commitment to royalty and religion, and here the formality, where informality might dictate, would carry depths of emotion felt to be the acme of life. Not surprisingly, then, the text is more like a palace or cathedral flourish than a typical poster designation. I hope the turmoil of recent days will not diminish Spain's sombre and remarkable stature.
Very rare and beautifully restored. An historic gem!

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