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vintage Italian poster Tricofilina 1945
Gino Boccasile
38" x 27"

Gino Boccasile was a shrewd and brilliant exponent of pin-up design in the service of making a product irresistible. His metier, both earthy and elegant, demonstrates in our Poster of the Month, that with a slight shift of specifics, the same standby-package of brimming good health and good cheer can elicit a winning fan base of a very different kind.
One of Boccasile's favorite motifs was to display--with a remarkable graphic facility---the suppleness of subjects using virtuoso body language to enhance everyday moments. The children here, by means of his unfailing sense of modelling, light, color and composition, become far more than cute--in fact they become divine, held forever in a moment the magic of which goes far beyond mundane planet earth.

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