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original vintage Donald Brun poster Persil 1947
Donald Brun
50" X 36"

The Swiss graphic art master, Donald Brun, amazes us on two levels in this self-assured vintage poster promotion for the laundry soap, Persil. First there is the color choice and the hues of coloration. It is rare for a work on paper to command such a preoccupation with sheer magic of colors and their placement. The rust background and the scarlet apron are far from a common juxtaposition; but who could not be mesmerised by the way they work here? The matching dark cherry of the hair of the subject and her doll comprises a second field of contemplation. And then there is the playful red horizontals of the socks! All this chromatic drama culminates in the whiteness of the whites, the piece de resistance of the manufacturer's craft.
The second absorbing feature of this (and many other lithos from Brun) is the remarkably rich angle of a range of maturity in the central figure of the pleasing domestic scene. Little girls may love to play house. But do they wear accentuating eyelashes? This exuberant motif seems to hearken to a woman's childhood as picture-perfect (like the washing results). The suggestion would be that the product endows the surfaces with a vivacity for all ages.

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