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Vintage Donald Brun poster Persil 1951
Donald Brun
50 ½"x 35 ½"
A-, P

Keeping an eye on sailboats on the Lake close-by, we've been struck by the challenges of alertness and physical strength the phenomenon of sailing entails. Operating a boat and lounging on-board are two very distinct events, and our Poster of the Month tacks firmly along the current of the latter presence. But let's give designer, Donald Brun, lots of credit for accomplishing a fusion of the two actions!
The boat and the body of water are given a very light touch. But, in the context of a cruise enthusiast showing off the whitest whites you'll ever see (thanks to the Persil soap company), everything fits beautifully. The natty ensemble includes a little dash of blue and red making the central will-o'-the wisp snowiness even more an element of the winds and the waves. Moreover, that the flesh-tones of her arms bleed into the sail's tan color and trail into that complementary blue sky further evoke the figure's pristine stature. Brun's modelling of this figure's attitude, her visage and her wind-blown hair completes the graphic injection of sprightliness for the sake of communicating the fruitful powers of the product. The wind-blown tag line, "...naturally along with a Persil touch," constitutes a delicious icing on the cake!

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