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vintage deco French rail poster Route des Alpes c.1928
Dric (Roger Broders)
39 3/4" x 24 3/4"

Two forces collide in this rare and sterling French vintage poster from the Pre-Depression-Era. Spearheaded by that angry eagle, there is the harsh beauty of the high-Alpine region. Its nature would be decidedly about primordial and solitary coming-to-pass. On the other hand, affluent "pace-setters" twig on to (at that time) flashy technology in order to be among the first to the top.
Having, until recently, that domain all to itself, the big bird not only sniffs out aliens but also their unsuitableness to the pristine presence. And, with this, we have the question, "Did the eagle get it right?" (Of course the artistry--probably by the supernal, Roger Broders--is first-rate. The composition is ignited by the menacing and magnificent live-wire defending its stalk-still and perfect homeland--almost coming to bear as a chromatically-balanced coat-of-arms.)
The two Hummers with their jaunty pennants on the fenders suggest a military assault. But the prim customers are far from soldiers. Could at least a few of them be testing themselves for hard days ahead? Does the eagle see that, regardless of that, they aren't up to the long haul?

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