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original vintage Italian Poster Mosquito Scooter 1953
Cam. Pizzigori
55" x 38"

Why does this vintage modernist poster with a modern subject exert a mood of nostalgia? First of all, its figuration, though showing delight and pride in long-range mobility, has been left without more than the slightest tangible sense of what the vehicle involves. Whereas Deco and even Belle Epoque/Nouveau transportation ads tend to emphasize the power and chic of cutting-edge machinery and its purchasers, here we have a reverie of motion not particularly wedded to the product being sold. While it is true that we have a photo-montage installation bringing to us the nitty-gritty which shouldn't be passed by, it is an almost self-deprecating entity, more a means to an end than a stairway to the stars. And the instance of rattling off statistics about the little critter's performance seems, in the absence of any tangible sense of driving it, to evoke long-ago trades persons and their earnest confirmations.
Then there is the treatment of the central character upstaging the supposed focal point. Her eyes are closed in a day-dream, not of power-machinery but of being a golden-girl like so many before her. She has a globe in her hand, pointedly without showing the New World. As such, this would be about a product in face of which to derive modest (but intriguing) pleasures. The truncated lower regions of the image look more to Giotto than the "Italian Miracle" speed demons. Heavenly, and at the same time a post-War survivor!

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