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vintage Italian art deco poster Lloyd Triestino-Egypt 1930
Giuseppe Riccobaldi
39 1/8" x 27 1/2"
B+, L

There are many dazzling graphic artists gilding the Golden Era of Vintage Posters. A lot of them caught on to the so-called art deco field for its quintessential modernity in its dash and mysterious risk. One of the best of the best was Giuseppe Riccobaldi (1887-1976), an architect, theatre designer and posterist who had remarkably--perhaps through the medium of Italian Futurism--assimilated that in order to reach a sophisticated clientele the practitioner had to be an expert, not only in the streamline idiom, but in streamline shocking itself with an eerie dynamic.
Those factors are out in force with our Poster of the Month, promoting the Lloyd Triestino cruise line based in Riccobaldi's home town of Genoa. Here he's at work enticing us to dip into exotic Egypt. The distant past which that area evokes is emphasized by the impenetrable darkness of the sky and the reflective body of water that is the Mediterranean. Then there are the amazing artefacts/ monuments speaking to primal matters which still matter today.
The special design point here concerns the ancient and yet up-to-the-minute chic of the denizen from that long-ago moment. Her reflection casts the contours of the cruise ship making a visit to something very old and at the same time something very new.

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