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vintage Canadian travel poster Niagara Falls c. 1940
An Eye to the Future
Ault and Wiborg
10" x 9"
Artist Board 16" x 13"
A, Maquette;
Original painting

In the spirit of Christmas gift items, our Poster of the Month for December casts some special light on our collection of Ault and Wiborg vintage graphics.
Levi Ault, who was born in rural Quebec, linked up in Cincinnati with patrician/ investor, Frank Wiborg, to launch a firm of printing inks and dry color dyes and pigments at the dawning of the media industry, where coal tar dyes ensured brightly-colored inks. Their lithographic supplies were used and promoted by many of the leading lights (including Toulouse Lautrec) of early poster art, in America and Europe.
Fitting, then, I think, that we should spotlight the work of a Canadian subsidiary in Toronto. This maquette, which is a preliminary painted illustration by the artist, shows off super-rich colors! Homage (in the days of World War II) to an eye to the future concerning hydroelectric power would naturally engage the mighty and inspiring Niagara Falls. The deliberately-rendered rather prosaic power plant is set against the bounty of a nature that won't be sidelined by war. Not only is this a one of a kind art work, it is also hand signed in pencil by the artist, Robjohn.
This can be framed with a matt to exclude the artist's rough board(HI-ART No. 79 stamped on reverse) or as is, and with or without the removable AULT & WIBORG label. An art collector, we think, would like to display it in its totality as the ORIGINAL work.
Please visit for the final printed version of the above, and more Ault & Wiborg vintage graphics: Small Format Gems Gallery and Politics and War Gallery

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