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original vintage French poster Loterie Nationale 1952
Grand Prix de Paris
63 ” x 47 ¼ ”
A-, L

If it's a Grand Prix, it has to be over the top; and our Poster of the Month has what it takes to rise to the occasion. The horse's number is 2. Are we to suppose that the much bigger steed in ghostly white is #1? Size is not everything, and the rich purplish-black features of our hopeful, positioned right in the center of the large expanse, draw us to a close investigation of how a graphic design can be largely common while still making our hearts pound!
The truncated thoroughbred carrying an arrestingly chubby jockey would come to us as an instance of great heart struggling with a world of tough obstacles. The text is heavily weighted toward quantity. But the optics (that white aura implying that the little pony is huge) are all about quality--a zone of quality that touches us and keeps us posted.
There are many graphics featuring horses. Nearly all of them hitch a ride on the natural beauty and excitement those creatures exude. Our Poster of the Month is an object lesson in the marvellous surprises to be found in graphic art.

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