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Oh Please Do Daddy,
Buy Me Victory Bonds 1917
Joseph Ernest Sampson
36” x 24”
A-, L

vintage Canadian war posterIn the midst of a World War there would be a lot of motivation to buy Victory Bonds. But rather than counting on an easy way to touch the folks at home, the graphic design for this lithographic treasure rolls up its sleeves and makes some sparks fly!
First of all, it shows master-craftsman subtlety--not in heavy supply in the field of propaganda. There are several motifs which catch us up in the threat to gentle souls being posed by the German forces. First we have a little girl (Toronto artist, Joseph Ernest Sampson, enlisting one, Miss Faith Berry) in a sun suit where the sky is pervasively dark. Here skilled spelling alerts us to her future as a literate and vivacious effective adult---maybe. Those two blocks toppling over provide the most restrained expression of imminent disaster.
The sheen of patrician restraint links to blue-chip lithographic color infusion as well as compositional smarts. As such it addresses adults in the form of an affluent, sophisticated clientele, well-versed in the importance (and possible profit) of that investment. High-power sensibility here demonstrating the stiff upper lip of the Mother Country.

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