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vintage French travel poster
Foire de Paris 1950
Albert Solon
23 ½” x 15 ¾”
A, P

The coat of arms of the City of Paris dates from 1358, and features a sailing ship. Paris not being a maritime centre, the somewhat misleading priority brings off a metaphorical flourish of a “vessel” to cover the staunch establishment steering the population and running whatever show was deemed worthwhile.
Our arresting poster of the month happily hops aboard that symbolic boat to evoke the grace and majesty of an old city’s always being a trendsetter for craft and art. The central configuration captures a long-standing priority of the City of Light, namely, understated rightness of distributing a construct. The modernist pitch emerges from the mists in time to once again confirm the City’s prominence. And the colors and textures of that representation of time convey that basic phenomena have been awakened by the design event being announced. The reflection of the craft in the water portrays the primeval strivings at the creative heart of Paris!

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