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An exhibition currently touring (2007-2010) through Europe and North America, “Surreal Things, Surrealism and Design,” developed by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, sets in relief that movement’s penchant for producing objects of use in contradistinction to the normal art output of objects of contemplation. As such, Surrealist manufacturers insinuated an enhanced sense of the real into the course of a marketplace for deluxe goods. Such a priority would have resonated with graphic artists of the inter-war years, who could have detected a similar objective at the outset of poster art, namely, the Belle Époque (like Surrealism, centered upon Paris).

In the following pages, we have gathered together from our collection accomplished instances caught up in the Surrealist invitation to not only cherish rare mysteries, but buy them and take them back to homes that would thereby become less mundane (or reserve seats for attractions similarly motivated).