Useful Links

Links to quality websites of interest to vintage art afficionados


Here is a center of invention putting new verve into the notion of vintage. In December, 2012,
I Desire Vintage Posters entered into a collaboration with FOSSIL FINDS.

A)Visual and Decorative Arts and Design

1. Rene Wanner

An amazingly comprehensive view of vintage posters activity.

2. iantiques

A cornucopea of antiques websites

3. Ephemera Society of America

A key portal for antique and nostalgia resources

4.The Wolfsonian Foundation

Scholarly and fabulously-endowed design promoter and educator

5. Design Museum

A comprehensive look at design.

6. Artcyclopedia

There is ample information about major poster artists on this website.


7. Forbes Magazine

This highly esteemed publication has consistently tracked our website through a number of years


8. The Good Web Guide for the Best of Worldwide Shopping

For a great selection of wall decor, the vintage poster site of I Desire is a noted destination! "In a field where informative material is scarce, this otherwise commercial website is better than most."

9. Art Gallery of Ontario

Art Matters here! A superb collection of visually stimulating art in a beautifully transformed space (2008) by Toronto-born, Frank Gehry.

10. Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum New York, NY

A museum devoted exclusively to historic and contemporary design.


For the finest in European Art Deco furniture, glass, silver, ceramics, cocktail accessories, art, clocks, carpets and more.......


12. An amazing array of mosaic art by distinguished French mosaic artisan. We have a beautiful collection in our studio. Please visit Christine's gallery at:

B) Choice Vintage Fashion Stores: "There will always be a longing for things rare & fine. . ."

1. The Red Velvet Shoe

2.Woodlands Farm Vintage

3.Vintage Virtuosa
C) Other approaches to a vintage tone

1. Zelda Magazine

From the beginnings of the 20th century to the Golden Era of Hollywood,Zelda brings the love of this age to life in paper. Zelda is where the past meets the presence with reverence and revelry

2. James Clark's Film Journal

An ongoing and interactive investigation into the Old World and New World.

3. Journal of the Print World

Devoted to opening eyes to the beauty of works of art on paper.

4. Film Noir

A rich compendium of information and poetry about the dark side of the art deco era.

5. Springtime Publishers

Studies of contemporary challenges, including a three-part study of the phenomenological work of Martin Heidegger, by author James Clark