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Just as graphic design can be confined to poster design only by diminishing its powers, graphic design itself can be fully coherent only in light of the construction of other entities with a view to eliciting one's most important delights. Furnishings (in their links to architecture) can provide a fruitful context of urgent comforts for the lively priorities of graphics.

We are happy to bring into our site a collection of original vintage Italian furnishings from the mid-twentieth century. Due to small scale, regional manufacturing remarkably geared to the needs of a few sophisticated purveyors, and its recourse to designer-consultants (many of whom were architects), to realize the market demands, Italian design products tended to engage a more acute — particularly more sensuously alert--understanding than those emerging elsewhere. As such they showed a kinship with that graphic art committed to the evocation of delightful subtleties.

In the following pages some of the more portable works by major Italian designers, like Piero Fornasetti, Joe Colombo, Sergio Asti and Paolo Venini,are shown, along with some biographical information. However, as you shall see, many of the items exude a brilliance while remaining unattributed. We would be pleased to respond to any inquiries you may have about the items on sale. Shipping is directly from Italy.

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