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Touring Club Italiano (1894-present)

Issues of this Italian journal from the early years of the twentieth century touch, in special ways, upon the dynamics of early modern history. First there is the pretext of providing readers with up to the minute information about the thrilling new phenomenon of automobile travel. Many of the brilliantly designed and printed covers deal with aspects of touring by car and aspects of specific brands and accessories. In addition, some covers refer to the role of such vehicles in the real time struggles of World War I, and some articles deal in details with aspects of the war and travel. In addition to that, the contents and the covers celebrate modern life in its new fashions, habits and general raciness. Some of the great Italian graphic designers of that time, including Marcello Dudovich, frequently contributed work for this little publication that should be better known.

Format: 9 1/4" x 6 3/8"; approximately 75 pp.;covers very good condition, specifics available on request; text in Italian.

View enlargement to see both front cover and back cover.

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