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Delineator (1873-1937)

An ad on the back cover of the 1928 edition of the magazine, Delineator, just about covers the less than inspiring but fulsomely amusing currents running through its pages. "The smartest thing I've seen since I left Paris is Sylvia's new silver with the sapphire-blue knives..." The fashion, beauty and leisure-related contents are, however, endowed with a steady year-in, year-out cover presence (in the 1920s), by artist Helen Dryden, of modern young women exuding much more complexity than the verbal component. Sure, they want to be pampered, but the well-dressed but somewhat sitting-duck ladies evidence a sense (unlike the generally wrapped-up in a social or domestic whirl we find in the illustrations of Gazette du Bon Ton and the covers of Vogue) that time flies and takes along with it the smashing looks and carefree energies. Among our covers, the one from June, 1928, is most apposite in this regard, using the pensive factors of travel to measure how often a life can go back to that pleasing well. The great effect, comprising the March, 1929 cover, delivers to us Dryden's forte (seemingly foreshadowing her own very troubled later life) of bringing to bear disconcerting features of the idleness of the idle rich. This work stands in marked contrast to our example from the 1930s, by Dynevor Rhys, with its Hollywood depression-era escape priorities.

Format:14" x 10 3/4"; approximately 120 pages; condition generally excellent; specific information on request;text in English; illustrations on every page. Delineator was a publication comprising fashion, household accessories and fiction, aimed at women with a taste for the new.

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