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Fortune (1930- present)

We're caught by surprise by the depth of visual poetry invested in the American business publication, Fortune. The ad, at the inside front of the June, 1933 edition--for Ethyl Gasoline--features two college-age lads with their roadster chalked up to read, "World's Fair or Bust" ( a nearby signpost reading "Chicago"), and they might represent Joe and Frank Hardy between cases. So far, just what you'd expect. But how about that breathtakingly deco front cover, by Garretto?

Top designers, including Cassandre and Binder; great paper stock for both painted and photographic illustrations; and a well-thought-through program of showing the drama in the pursuit of material well-being resulted in several decades of major graphic art treasures in an unlikely spot.

Format:13 3/4" x 11"; approximately 225 pages; condition generally excellent; specific information on request;text in English; illustrations on every page. Fortune concentrates upon worldwide business and political conditions.

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