Buvez du Vin 1933; Leonetto Cappiello; 63″ x 47″; A-,L

These days, we seldom travel to acquire our inventory of vintage posters and smaller-scale graphics. Instead, we have energetic and trustworthy diggers of items, sending photos of what we might want. Today we want to reminisce about those yesteryears when we would be on the road for long periods at a time.

One of our great thrills would be to visit France; and our first image here captures not only something we found, but how we moved along in the finding.   



la _framboisette

La Framboisette c1905;Francisco Tamagno;60 1/2″ X 43 3/4″;B, L

One of our favorite destinations was the earthy and quirky ancient city of Marseilles where we found this earthy and quirky and very impressive lithograph.





Le Reveil Quinquina c1900;Anonymous;18 1/4″ X 18 1/4″; A, L

Early one Sunday morning we took the train from Angers to Tours, where the latter beautiful Loire city was hosting a marathon race and a flea market where we found a large cache of this nouveauesque image. It’s great to have one or two left to link us to a magic day along the beautiful Loire River and its chateaux.





Da Capo c1920;Anonymous;47″ X 34 1/2″;A, L

We can’t overlook Paris, in some ways the most brilliant place on earth; and a most lovely company of experts, from whom we were delighted to buy this masterful and charming German design!





Boncar/L’Uva Malaga c.1940; Anonymous; 7 3/4″x13 3/4″; A,Gouache on cdbd (Original Maquette)

Another place we loved to be in was Spain; and in the 1990s it was an extraordinary repository of vintage graphic art. Early, on another Sunday morning, in Madrid, we found many exciting works, including this maquette (original painting) for a purveyor of grapes.




Liquori filippi

Liquori Filippi c1950;Mar Silla;13″ X 10″; A, Maquette

At that same Spanish event mentioned above, we couldn’t resist this maquette for an Italian beverage!





Sevilla 1920; S. Martinez; 93″ x 55″; B,L

One day in Sevilla we came across an antique shop with few posters. But what it had was this huge dazzler, in dreadful condition (but ultimately restorable to a high sheen)!





Exposicion del Automovil Madrid c.1935;M. Garcia;27” x 20 ½”;B+, Maquette

Spain has been for us a land of mystery and adventure (having dinner at 2 am, for instance); and nowhere more gratifying than the ancient southern port of Cadiz, where we found this maquette for an event that never happened, due to the advent of the civil war.




Las Arenas

In splendid Valencia, we were very kindly treated to a paella lunch right next door to this beach facility still in business. Moreover, we were treated to being able to buy this glorious deco frappe!!





Tradate 1939;Gino Boccasile;27″ x 19″;B-,L

There have been so many heartfelt and generous moments during our meanderings in Italy! Perhaps the most exciting involvement had to do with the designer, Gino Boccasile. In Milano we met an antiquarian whose shop was not far from Boccasile’s studio during the 1930s and 1940s and who had acquired a large number of rare graphics by way of an associate of the artist. On top of that, we had a marvellous couple in Bologna who also mustered a fabulous cache of Boccasile’s work.

Most of the treasure is long-gone. But here is one that still lingers, to our delight!





Vigorelli 1953; Gino Boccasile; 39″ x 27″;B+,L

Machine-age and endless wit and charm!





Bally Lotus 1973;Bernard Villemot;62 1/4″ x 46″;A-,L

Our first steps in discovering poster art happened in New York, in 1986. Here’s what we bought, and here’s what we love!

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