Hier Aujourd'hui      Hier/Aujourd’hui Air Show  1931 ;S.Peratt ;46″ x 61 1/2″ 

 In 1931, the composition in the foreground Aujourd’hui was very today (while the white, biplane figure was very yesterday). Time flies. But the mystery and romance of people travelling in the air remains a constant treasure of the modern era. 

issa           Issa le Vele c.1910 ;C.Daigiali ; 56″ x 40″

Here’s another whimsical comparison, endowed with graphic punch.

flying-over-catalina    Flying Over Avalon 1940;Ruehl Heckman;14 1/4” x 10 ½ ”

As the design of the crafts became more devoted to creature comforts, the whole experience of flight, as rendered and promoted by graphic art, added on chic to its initial strong suit of awe.

spirit-of-progress    The Spirit of Progress 1938; Ruehl Heckman; 8 ½” x 6 ¼”

With the art deco monument that is the Golden Gate Bridge laying down a baseline of serene modernity, an iconic, palm-zone clipper displays its touch of heaven, en route to a haven like Hawaii.

Wagon Lits Cook     Wagon Lits Cook 1953; Bernard Villemot;39″ x 24 3/4″

This graphic vividly demonstrates how the gratifications of global air travel dovetail with a world of alert, gracious hospitality. The two concierge instantly span the globe with their telephone communications; and the airliner promises a steady reduction of the time required to go from one metropolis to another.

Picture 2229  Air France 1947 ;Lucien Boucher ; 24 1/2″x39″

One of the instances of the great Air France map posters by Lucien Boucher, evoking the salubrious lighting and the dazzling history of ports of call.

etoile-du-sud          Etoile du Sud 1969 ;Benny & Peigno ;36” x 25 ¾”

I love how the primitive powers in vignette form along the giraffes long neck make common cause with that dashing Clipper lending its majesty to the Dark Continent.

lets_go    Let’s Go, Step it Up Boys c.1942;Anonymous;39″ x 21 “

War-plane graphics tend to bring power to the fore and majesty to an auxiliary level.

homing-at-dawn        Homing at Dawn 1942;Roy Nockoia;21” x 24”

Here’s an exception in military aviation art, with mystery to the forefront.


sky-pilot        The Sky Pilot 1918;Emma Musselman;9 ½” x 7 ½

There is a sub-genre of promoting women aviators in order to install a more down-to-earth charm within the awesome phenomena.

illus-dec-1930-cover-ham     L’Illustration, Dec. 1930, Cover; Geo Ham;15” x 11”

illus-dec-1930-ham (2)      L’Illustration, Dec. 1930,interior; Geo Ham;15” x 11”

This pair of graphics devoted to aviation panache reminds us that the subject was extensively covered by the graphics of the burgeoning magazine medium.


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