An Epochal Transformation within the Covers of a Vintage Magazine

IMG_081416 ” x 12″

The long-standing deluxe French magazine, L’Illustration, was wont to pull out the stops in gifting its readers in the Christmas edition a feast for the mind and eyes. The edition of 1923 (consisting of 250 pages) went even farther than that, by rushing into the breach a spate of very advanced (art deco inspired) advertisements drastically countering an illustrated cover and articles still catering to agrarian priorities of a hundred years before!

In the instance above we have a very Parisian and very art deco ad, for a furniture store, by one of the best designers of the golden age of graphics, namely, Rene Vincent. The furniture shown is bold,  laying it onexpansive and geometrically powerful. The women’s clothes are accordingly light as a feather. The women themselves are clearly a breed apart from the dimming Belle Époque. Talk about Christmas being an exciting moment!    



8″ x 12″

Vincent again, this time laying it on both thick and lilting with the subject of a deluxe brand of automobile leaving those horse-drawn carriages far behind!




16″ x 12″

Charles Loupot, an even more rigorous visual poet of the mystery of streamline than Vincent, sending out a dash of Cezanne and many dashes of a fabulously dynamic new world.




16″ x 12″

The Cappiello-era/ Belle Époque star, Jean Stall, pushing the envelope into a land of space far removed from organic assurances!



IMG_081116″ x 6″

A witty lift-off for a pen company! Streamline cutting into and rising above neo-classicism!




16″ x 12″

The interior of the magazine uses color lithography, including a great suite of illustrations by Georges Barbier which push the rococo format into new heights. But here we conclude with another flat-out deco dream to sell gloves and to thrill us to death over and above that!




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