The other night, the owner of one of the world’s great furniture production centres, Giulio Cappellini, gave a talk which he provocatively opened bty asserting that it is impossible to surpass the beauty of 1950s Italian chairs.
Cosmically attractive, yes. Solid and subtly sophisticated. But does it freeze new ambitions in their tracks?
I’d love to have it. But it wouldn’t stop me looking for more.
Here’s a Swiss-produced chair, by Danish designer, Verner Panton, dating from 1959, but still rockin’ in 2013!
Cappellini’s point, I think, was that, from a manufacturer’s perspective, the important thing is not radically different structures but dazzling and super-comfortable decorative and tactile factors. Here is his production of Jasper Morrison’s Thinking Man’s Chair.
Love this comfy little hurricane by Marc Newson
Any way you cut it, great Italian chairs (here’s the Cappellini Tom Dixon  Chair), and great chairs from all around the world have magically enhanced our making our way amidst daily activities and pleasures, which depend upon pacing the dynamics of our own brand of horsepower.

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