Today we’ll try to make amends for ignoring hitherto a great design endeavor, namely, Art Nouveau, particularly in its graphic desigm output. During its heyday in the period just before World War I, Art Nouveau thrilled to a new and powerful involvement between consciousness and nature at large.
The image above, arrested by the new ranges of communication, is from the Italian counterpart of French Art Nouveau.

Though seeming a bit bucolic, as do many of the Art Nouveau compositions, the main thrust of this avant-garde movement was to convey how commercially up to speed the new interface could be.

The organic poetry of the new sensibility was often enlisted to demonstrate its rightness for mass circulation newspapers and magazines.

This is to us one of the most touching and effective designs from out of that energy so confident it could make great improvements.

No wonder the hippie movement was so conversant with Art Nouveau’s 360 degree bead on engaging the world on the basis of a sensual integrity.

We’ll close for now (and promise to return to this absorbing topic) with a German approach to putting one’s best foot forward by means of embracing the lay of the land.

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