16,000 water-traversing creatures can affect you in surprising ways. There is their out-of-this-world cadence, configuration and color. And there are juxtapositions galore! 

Jellyfish, having mastered a species of yoga all their own. But that is just the beginning! The way they pass one another and spread through their region make up a movie with the gentlest suspense.

A kelp-rich inlet, with a wave-maker to set the denizens bobbing in infectious ways!

       Often they seem to be looking for solitude within the broad sweep of teeming society.
                 Careful, ongoing maintenance creates surreal moments.Exquisite creations and their coral neighbors. Infinite drama in a tiny locale.
              Close, speedy formation; and no collisions!

The display is an amalgam of zones, such as Great Lakes,Tropical Reef, Stingray Bay, Domain of Sharks… And it presents the regions at their best–clean, healthy, and bursting with dazzling variety.

There also obtains ample scope for shadowy figures finding a haven in dark environs.

But there is nothing to compare with the saturated colors and awe-inspiring formal nuances of saltwater fish.

             Variations on a theme of shimmering silver!

              Studies in differences.

               Studies in bounty.

            Studies in exuberance! These are pattern designs that never end.

          The aquarium is an up-to-the-minute design treasure of thrilling settings!

             Its deployment of wraparound glass invention is its trump card.

Too cool for school!

Who could have imagined getting this rare angle upon dynamics such as these?


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