Deauville 1920s Jean-Gabriel Domergue;47 3/4″ x 64 3/4″;A, L
Our commitment to small-format graphic design brilliance is unwavering; but we also know that voluminous graphic presence facilitates rewards unattainable by modest scale. Need a jump-start after a tangled day? How about this argument for letting loose?                        Martigny c1900 Lucien Metivet ;46 1/2″ x 60 3/4″ ;A-.L
Refined color lithography can exude infectious verve when filling a wall. The panoramic scope of this design does call for a vista-vision impact.
                                         Sevilla 1920S. Martinez ; 93″ x 55″  ;B,L
Capturing a long-awaited event, the April fiesta in Sevilla, this monumental endeavor lets us in, viscerally, on what it is to anticipate a possibly life-changing event. This promotion is, therefore, more than a reminder of a great show; it’s a loud call to pull your life together!
                 Cognac Monnet 1927  Leonetto Cappiello ;78 1/8″ X 50 1/4″; A-, L
“Sun in a glass,” is the slogan here. And the scale of this delicious stone lithograph leads to experiencing the astronomical sensual joys the product can provide.
                                Grandin TV   1956   P. Raoul ;63″ x 47 1/2″; B+,L
This modernist design captures the spirit of rare thrill which a spate of television viewing once could deliver. The play of its colors is central for soaring on cloud nine; but so is the balletic duet of rapt arms and hands. Once again, the expansive scale is the icing on the cake.
                                       Aurore c.1938  Chassaing; 62 3/8″x 46″;A,L
The concept of this art deco marvel has to do with great shoes looming very large in the lives of those who know what it’s about. The gigantic pop of this chic tableau palpably evokes the mysterious obsession a streamlined gem can generate.

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