The other day, we attended a design show where two of the speakers were Jay Osgerby, from London, and Alex Mustonen, from Brooklyn. Osgerby’s account of the erudition, planning and energy as to materials, functions and composition was a great lift inasmuch as such commitment surfaces in our midst. Mustonen’s audacious synthesis of architecture and art brings our way almost cinematic points of departure and moments of truth.

Vintage poster art testifies to such endeavors we can’t afford to ignore. That hydrofoil at the Cote d’Azure, in our first instance, was first cooked up by telephone-inventor, Alexander Graham Bell, in his think-tank on Cape Breton Island, in the era of the first world war. Thus we have a modernist boat graphic, but, beyond that, the breakthrough component of our title!

Manhattan, the birthplace of skyscrapers; and the storied harbor for the high-water mark of cruise ships.

Breaking new grounds in audio fidelity and art deco delight!

When you’re dealing with cruise-ship nirvana, even a snippet tells the tale!

Gigantism seems here to stay in urban construction. But how about the architectural longevity pictured in this vintage modernist poster? Here we have a homage, from those not long for this world, to the iconic powers of inspired craft!

Milan, the global hotbed of design breakthroughs!

“around the world” being the chic tag-line, we recall the ancient circumnavigations accomplished at great pains. The design sensibility here implies a cocoon to behold an easy-going world.The Japanese manufacturers here, in pre-World War II days, were in for a lesson in nothing great going easily!

It seems that right after the War, France was accentuating the solid old in construction. The plunge into haute couture might have involved a counter-attack into the daringly new.

With relics all around–both design-wise and culture-wise–here is a breakthrough in earthiness which the old had tried to stifle!







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