Pochoir Diner

Apres le Diner dans le Parc 1924 Gazette du Bon Ton[GBT]; Andre Marty

We’ve long been ardent admirers of the hand-colored art deco magic of pochoirs, especially those images displaying haute couture for sale. These works were the product of a small number of graphic design giants who were gifted with the instinct to devise and produce moments revealing infinite depths of persons who might be assumed to have no depth at all. An area of this sublimity we’re until now left untouched is that in which smoking cigarettes stands out as a measure of chic and indescribable apprehension.

Here the heavenly attired lady needs a break that the great parkland cannot quite provide.

   Pochoir La Douce Nuit        La Douce Nuit 1920 GBT; Andre Marty                                                  

The lady’s poise is complemented by the pink of her dress, That’s the easy part of describing this picture. Her companion is shown to be studiously blasé. The night, as the title says, is sweet, gentle. Are they interlopers upon such beauty? Or is it more complicated than that?


pochoir-la-cendre-am  La Cendre de la Cigarette 1922 GBT;Andre Marty

What has moved her to become fixed upon the cigarette’s glow and its stream of smoke?


pochoir_ariadne_glAriadne 1921 GBT; Georges Lepape

A goddess and her magic wand! With this much coordination, the sky’s the limit. Her red hair atop that cylinder is a stroke of genius by the always perfect, Georges Lepape. As a goddess in charge of labyrinths, our subject blends into a maze-like background wherein she reigns as the only one in sight who knows where she’s going. An elegant puff now and then puts her back on top of mysterious traverses.


pochoir_de_ceci_am       “De Ceci?..” 1921 GBT; Andre Marty

This little comedy, of a hostess unsure of her beverages, embeds a cigar smoker to, in a flash, implicate the habit in a vast process of accomplishment. The lady’s having no part of that life sets in motion myriad streams of playing with fire.


pochoir_salome_sp         Salome 1914 GBT; Simon Puget

She’s the complete package of a femme fatale, right down to those finger tips that look like nothing so much as a full pack of cigarettes! A light touch for this rendition of the modern war of the sexes.


     La Citroen; Le Golf 1922 GBT; Pierre Mourgue

With both the car and the golf course in eclipse, the confrontation boils down to his stodgy accoutrement (that’s where the pipe comes in—a Sherlock looking for a missing ball?) and her more modern preparation.

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