First of all, the fact that cats and dogs carry a mystique that never ends translates into getting on the good side of prospective customers in the area of graphic art. Their grace and verve install them as powerful sights for sore eyes, and marketing machinations make hay accordingly. But, moreover, their special function as pets places us before them as family members, often in better standing than most of the two-legged relatives. Let’s see how these natural resources end up in the vast, the unique and the extinct Roman Candles known as vintage posters and vintage lithographs.

Irresistible playfulness and eager-to-please! Irresistible dress!

There’s Dubonnet on the menu, a Belle Epoque Parisian smart cookie regrouping, and an advisor she is wise to spend the evening with. The silent oracle is positioned to coincide with the product.

An outfit/ ensemble in an oriental style–for sale! Along a bridge from “maybe not” to”sold,” there are two raven manes, something out of the unfamiliar. If the kitten approves, it has to be fine!

To entice tourists to Indian monuments, the very  mobile and warm-blooded beauty of the tiger lends its dazzle!

Shoes to create a sensation! Bringing forward the last word in cool!

Though the more expensive dog is meant to shine in face of the little mutts, and thereby suggesting how superior that bike model is, all of the dogs in view lend their charm to the experience and the attraction.

You know, homespun charm is not the only suit a dog-spree can play! Here the haute couture trots out a pair of puppies who probably cost as much as the dress. “Circe,” the keyword here, was the goddess of potions and magic herbs, to an upshot of too cool for school, a seldom seen windfall in the promotional graphic field.

For the sake of a popular magazine’s circulation, a vignette of caring for the multitude of stray cats in Paris!

A partnership in creature comfort, spilling over to a fruit juice concession.

Dancing for joy and dancing for Selochrome!

Two of a kind!

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