I’ve been haunted of late by an amazing installation of films by Chinese visual artist, Yang Fudong, at the TIFF exhibition space. Titled, “New Women,” it will make an appearance on the I Desire blog this Friday. On first viewing these works, I was constantly impressed by the strenuous attention to details bringing off this amazement.
So today, in the spirit of that awesome and delightful project, I’m prompted to look into our collection of mountain graphics, and I’ll call this piece, Climb Every Mountain.
Here the envisioned trek conveys an uncompromising energy, thanks to the masterful Herbert Matter’s photographic deployment of composition, light and texture.
With Yang Fudong, as you’ll see, all is not austere, brilliant reverie. Here, then, the connection with luxury and play is apt.
The nude factor is germane to the TIFF show. And here there is a variant of the dangerous side of such kinetic serenity.

On the other hand, let’s not overlook the sheer glee that awaits special daring  and generous effort.
                                          Occupying a range of rejuvenation.
This poster takes into account a community of those amidst challenging beauty, over and above (as in the previous work) attending to one’s health.

                 In touch with the steep climb, and yet savoring its quieter charms.

Here the steep climb shows itself to be so formidable that the graphic touch suggests that the (walled) city is constantly under siege (the hard, dark presence of Pontius Pilate coming to bear). (The selling point here has to do with the world’s steepest cogwheel railway.) And yet Lucerne in fact is a gracious, easy-going place, its omnipresent prep-school students suffusing the byways with nonchalance and humor, regarding the spectacular surround as a rich adventure.

                                             Jumping for the joys of high hopes.

                               Not to overlook the friction that such climbing can elicit.

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