Buy U.S. War Stamps Bonds 1942; Al Parker; 20” x 14 ¼”; A-,L

The film, BOYHOOD, is a coming-of-age creation, with a difference. It particularly reminds us that in the golden era of graphic design (and right up to the present) this irresistible and touching subject has been impressively explored.

Our first illustration, a brilliant vintage American modernist poster, gives us a young  philatelist being gently ushered into the good and the bad of the big world outside. Memories-in-the-making—happy or sad? Definitely rich; and what a brilliant promotion!


Yarmouth 1928; Austin Cooper; 39 5/8″ x 25″;B+, L

Young Love, Charles-Dickens style! The beauty of Austin Cooper’s presentation evokes a  depth of feeling such that careful readers (and viewers) would feel compelled to visit the novel’s locale.

 fort _mahon

Fort-Mahon Chemin de Fer 1908;J. Matagne; 45 1/4″x 29 3/4″; A-,L

A young dreamer, not so unlike Mason, the protagonist of BOYHOOD. Sometimes it’s when nothing seems to be going on that in fact the most powerful steps are being taken. The delicate coloration of this poster (more than 100 years old) emphasizes its concern with subtle discoveries.


Igls c. 1935 ;Arthur Zelger; 33″ x 23″; A,L

A golden girl and her golden world (c.1935). How would the quiet, delicious apprehensions occurring here (on the surface, a tug to visit an Austrian resort) contribute to managing the steep challenge such a very young person would have to deal with, very soon?


Vacances en Suisse 1949; Donald Brun;40″ x 25″; A-,L

Coming of age can be a blast. And that blast is just right for doing justice to nature!


D. H. Evans Fashion Wise 1950s; Arpad Elfer; 30″ x 40″; A-, Silkscreen

A lucky girl, inasmuch as her Mom is “fashion wise” and also wise in the surprising ways of the world.


Claudine 1910; Clarice Freres; 33 3/4″x 24 1/4″; B+,L

A vintage poster bringing forward the writer, Colette’s, school of hard knocks!


L’Art a l’Ecole 1931; G. Rochette; 35″ x 25 1/2″; A,P

Life lessons to provide special riches in the years ahead.


iPod High Steppin’ 2007; Anonymous; 72” x 48 ½”; A, P

Into a new world of resonance!


A milestone moment, in the film, BOYHOOD. Richard Linklater is an up-to-the-minute observer inasmuch as he incisively shows  us the odds against coming-of-age in the sense of coming into one’s own; and at the same time he shows us the unlikely supporting cast of relatives and friends who help in many and surprising ways. The high design qualities of this film—as with the original vintage posters—attain to directly illuminative discoveries.

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