IMG_5787A picture’s worth a thousand words—especially as crafted by someone with eyes wide open.


IMG_5786 When worlds collide!




The previous two photos and this one (from the Toronto Museum of Contemporary Art on feisty Queen Street West) deftly allude to rich interactive opportunities . And they also imply worlds as of yet unimagined trouble.


IMG_5798 From the same place, Cindy Sherman tells us what she knows about the vicissitudes of aspiration.


IMG_5796 Go ahead, revere the land!


IMG_5802I’d call this “ Graceland.”



I’d called this a relief.


I’d call this sublime.


IMG_5804 A Queen West gallery frontage. Never stop looking.



Ossington. A little contribution of our own.


IMG_5833Another moment of ours, inspired by Contact.



 We’ll close with a most intriguing entry from the Koffler Gallery at the new and fantastic Artscape Youngplace on Shaw Street. This is a video that has a kinetic pulse almost frozen. Thereby, its little bumps forward offer a portrait of a world of surprises.



The sense of change is written all over town these days.

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