There’s something about the sea, and it has a lot to do with motion. It also has a lot to do with the glamor of joy amidst the unknown. That might seem a bit abstruse for a design project dug into the mainstream.

But I’m struck by the blackness enveloping that suburban family. (A similar shading graces their ship.) Let’s just say there’s a charge bolting through them; and they like it.

This one’s called “Starlit Nights,” and everyone’s getting high, whether they’re drinking, smoking, or not.

Practical and staid, yes. But also aglow with what the day might bring.

OK. It’s a winter cruise. But, more importantly, it’s another planet.
There are noteworthy graphic devices, deployed to bring about that all-important aura. For instance we have goddesses that only reveal themselves to those having taken the plunge toward the open seas.

Some cruise ship motifs are so keyed for sharp impact they begin to elicit a perceptual daring in us, even before we’ve had a full look at them.

That latter piece conjures an especially modernist tenor, in juxtaposing the soaring ship with energies of the coastal city. Shown below, there is another take on that strategy, this time including busy crowds to fill out the sense of endeavor behind the dashing atmosphere.

Another factor of uncanniness is tracing the route encompassed by the venture, which allows of not only a melding of prose and poetry, but glorious outlays of the geometry of art deco design.

The streamline features of ship and building design have been eagerly deployed in many cruise ship graphics, to evoke stunning modernity.

One final way of framing the phenomena of ocean-going (but of course there are many others—perhaps you’ll want to consoider them and share them with the other readers), is to provide a bird’s eye view of the ship, in order to emphasize the experience of vast and lovely spaces in store for those who go to sea.

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