For decades now, modern dance has been all about accelerating and enlarging the powers of motion. Many choreographers have readily and tellingly produced countless instances of rocketry and explosiveness in the form of bodies in extreme circumstances. The hunt has been on, almost interminably, for conveying the conviction that life has begun to migrate significantly from the ways of the past and that dance holds a key to a new world stemming from dynamics as trumping substance.

Realizing that the chamber/balletic context of such a bid was coming up short, Brazilian choreographer, Deborah Colker, has set to work upon an idiom not merely resembling athletics and circus entertainments but fully usurping those fields.

The first photo gives us a quartet playing across a wall-climbing apparatus displaying elite muscular athleticism and elite circus graceful precision.   



Colker’s bona fides here do not end with that willingness to violate theatre decorum. Her masterpiece, MIX, is not simply a case of “Who let the dogs out?” Its piece de resistance is acuity about the difficulties of proceeding from individual flash to interpersonal efficacy.




Picturesque, sexy; and stars of their own universe!




Peppy turbines, but not good mixers.



images (3)

Whereas the bedrock soundtrack is industrial, electronic rock, there are extended passages of cloying or wobbly “romantic” ballads and tone poems informing actions of affection for others. During one especially golden moment featuring domestic spleen and chaos, the old country/western hit, “I love you ’cause you’re you” puts it all in crash dummy perspective. The lyrics also contain the deliriously ironic statement, “I love you just because you understand me.”



foto-Clarissa-Lambert-8-1200x520Solitary ecstasy. Interpersonal dilemma. Colker’s work is a very consequential delight!




Cooperative creativity with a premium upon solitude. MIX breathtakingly zeroes in on the dilemmatic side of cool.


A fine YouTube capturing the essence of Colker’s art!

A fine YouTube capturing the essence of Colker’s art!

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