Sorrento 1955; Mario Puppo; 39″x25 3/4″

The other evening we were enjoying a delicious meal at Tutti Matti, an Italian restaurant we love, and we began to consider the qualities of the preparations, wine, liqueur and coffee, not to mention the remarkably congenial and knowledgeable young server, Giacomo.

Giacomo was able to describe the often-days-in-the-making attentions to bringing the produce to superb flavoring. This was our entry point to reflecting on remarkably nuanced vivaciousness in Italian original vintage lithography, such as the poster above by Mario Puppo. Though a work from 1955 and firmly settled in the register of Moderne, the color and shading strategies allow it to carry a bracing kick of art deco perfectionism (just as the marinades of the food release a majestic topspin).


Trentino Dolomiti 1951; Mario Puppo; 39″ x 26 1/2″

The playfulness, of this Puppo depiction of the Siren call of the Dolomites, links to the bold and charming surprises latent in great Italian cuisine.



Incandescenza 1897;Giovanni Mataloni;15 3/4″ x 11 3/8″; Maitres de l`Affiche pl.72

Going back to the nineteenth century, this light sleight of hand  hangs on tight to earthy things to produce a richly human adventure of sensibility. An amuse-bouche to kick things off at a celestial level.


alla conquista

Alla Conquista di un Impero 1927;A. Della Valle;9″ x 6″

This glorious frontispiece captures us as if it were a perfect dessert. A riot of sweets but with mature discipline and structure.


tci-mar-1918-fr cover-mag

Touring Club Italiano 1918; O. Ballerio;9 1/2″ X 6 1/2″ ;Complete Journal

More Italian graphic whimsy with connections to the world of food preparation—here, perhaps, a simple salad with an extra dash of unusual and unforgettable flavor.



Italie Voyages Venice 1934;Anonymous;13 1/2″ x 19″;front back cover;Complete Magazine

A feast from the sea, lovingly designed!



Agricoltori 1953; Gino Boccasile;39″ x 27 1/2″

With love, from Italy. Purity of ingredients, fastidious attention to flavor.



Adani Frutta c.1950 ; Gino Boccasile; 16″ x 11″

Fruit at its celestial best! “From the Italian Sun…the Best Fruit.” Boccasile’s typically rich depiction of the human figure selling us on the validity of the experience.



Bardi 1950; Gino Boccasile; 52″ x 38″

An old product—Bardi greets us! Here given a bit of neo-realism and film noir for good measure. An adventure in every step of the way!


Mosquito Scooter 1953; Cam. Pizzigori ; 55″ x 38″

Italian playfulness, daring and charm—all so masterfully designed. All about soaring!

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