A pochoir tending to the home front comprises, for most people, an endless and fascinating endeavor. Thereby, when attracting a product, a graphic artist will often look to that scene for the means of winning over a customer to an attraction.


Those bare-bones of the matter actually, of course, afford myriad dramas and charms to delight not only the public but the artists themselves. (Family groups often bringing with them rich characteristics and dynamics wherever they go.)

Our first enticing instance shows so much in such a small range. The human figures telegraph hours of mutual affection and discovery. Their being  thus sensitive evokes admiration for not only their outlook but their apparel.

This robust extended family stands out as happy-go-lucky beneficiaries of a company of hail insurance!

A sweet ensemble with much fortune on its side already. But, in the big picture, the lottery corporation  has commissioned a posterist to let it be seen that taking a (periodic) plunge to accomplish other fortunes is very wise.

“You’re walking too fast, Maman.” Maman seems to be something of an acquired taste; but the marketing strategy here tilts to tough love. Those stressing the hurried life would most likely represent buyers appreciating how complicated lives take precedent over motherhood.

Pre-dating full-scale feminism (1946, actually), this lively involvement speaks loud and clear on behalf of Persil laundry detergent.

In 1954 travel by air was then just beginning to attract middle-income vacationers. Here the notion of taking the whole family onboard was something new. The scene of this upwardly-mobile quartet has been staged to attract families to celebrate coming out of a crushing world-wide Depression and World War, and with much of the world in wreckage and starvation

A family tending to a garden would leave to a child a memory to build on. Depiction of such attentive caring might induce subscribers (to this instance of fashion plates) to purchase one of those shifts, now linked to an elevating experience.

For those who are comfortable with a super-sweet repertoire.

This one’s for party-animal families!

This one’s for solid citizens.

This one’s for old dears.


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