A visit, last weekend, to one of the many forested areas not far from Toronto, has directed our attention to the unique qualities of vintage graphic art taking its bearings from the sensuous magic of such subtly robust places.



Plombieres 1939; Senechal; 39″ x 24 1/2″; A-,L

Here we were , light-years away from the City and delighting to discover how such a place was close to our heart.

The original poster seen here deftly capitalizes on the pop of variegated, enclosing spaces to proffer a perfect  site for rejuvenation.


Martigny c1900; Lucien Metivet; 46 1/2″ x 60 3/4″ ;A-.L

A glorious enticement, pertaining (as was our previous poster) to the hilly Vosges forests of eastern France, with their pungent earthiness and refreshing mountain streams.


The Most Beautiful Day 1943; Heinrich Steiner;50” x 35 ½”; A, L

Produced in Switzerland while World War II was raging everywhere else, the sense of a recreational haven would be especially acute.


Besancon c.1930; Lucien Pillot 39″ x 24″; A,L

Back to eastern France, here a formidable health spa where the greenery may be a bit remote and yet—such is the potency of our phenomenon today—still able to penetrate and to shed much vitality.


Harz c.1935; Jupp Wiertz; 23 3/8″ x 16 1/2″; A-,L

A tiny creature; but as part of a huge flood of beauty and delight, it carries us a long way. Do those skiers know what they’ve just missed?! Their tactile speed was only a beginning.


Vacances en Suisse 1945; Donald Brun; 40”x 25”; B+, L

The forest is only a soupcon in the haze, but it lends a lot of zip to this free spirit!


London Underground “Birds” c.1952;Harold Hussey;39 3/4″ x 24 3/4″; A-,L

A whole metropolis transit system being tugged to delineate greenery and its delicate denizens.


Pacific Northwest UAL c. 1960; Stanley W. Galli; 40” x 25”; A-, P

The doe’s candid glance toward us carries with it the stability of its forest. At ease with beauty of every kind (even, perhaps, someone’s garden), she becomes a great ambassador for her Pacific Northwest homeland.

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