Salo de Creacions 1935;Gerard;19 ¼” x 13 ¼”;A, L

Fall fashions and Halloween come together where we live, due to most of the population being intent on playing out (every day, every season) some variant of Road Warrior—a bit odd when you realize that almost everyone is a pedestrian. Today we’ll glance over some Fall inspirations, perhaps not up to date, but showing common cause with the issue of sombre.

No one does sombre like the Spaniards; and our vintage poster image here is further pressed into darkness by the Civil War era in which it emerged. And yet, such a sense of the magic of understated sizzle!

Vogue Nov 15, 1939

 Vogue November 15, 1939; Eric;complete magazine

Leopard-skin on the prowl?! It’s November, 1939, and a terrible war is discernible on the horizon. Indeed, time to review elemental energies.




Vogue September 1, 1936; Eric; complete magazine

A little bit earlier; but no less edgy. If putting up a stare like that comes with the outfit, who could resist buying?




L’Officiel November 1934; S.Chompre & P.A.Couillet;13” x 10”; Magazine

Could this be called a pensive outfit? We have a damsel endowed with blue-chip equipment, seemingly miles away from that luxury! The texture of her ensemble evokes armour. And she has some kind of tank nearby…



Armani 198

Autunno / Inverno 1982-83;Giorgio Armani;12 1/2″ x 9″;A,P

Fast-forward to a scene of less tangible cares. The trick seems to be looking cool under fire from a source hard to pinpoint. We can’t help noticing the increased premium upon mobility and dispensing with a home base.



Armani 191


Autunno / Inverno 1982-83;Giorgio Armani;12 1/2″ x 9″;A,P

Fraternizing with the enemy? A Dadaist satire? Or applying to get into a game with lots of dark corners?





Autunno / Inverno 1982-83;Giorgio Armani;12 1/2″ x 9″;A,P

Season of the Witch? Season of the cat? Making sense of a quick exit?





Autunno / Inverno 1980-81;Giorgio Armani;12 1/2″ x 9″; A,P

The 80’s were years of dabbling with fabulous wealth going global. This Redcoat could be an all-purpose mercenary. Giorgio Armani’s sense of theater reminds me of the rugged films of Stanley Kubrick, particularly Eyes Wide Shut. Happy Halloween! Not!




Autunno / Inverno 1982-83;Giorgio Armani;12 1/2″ x 9″;A,P

A Bomber Jacket! Now to try to find the target and what to do with it!




Overcoats Kays c.1950;Anonymous;21 ¾” x 14”;A-, cdbd

Did Don Draper have one of these?





Topcoats Kays c.1950;Anonymous;22 ¼” x 13 ¾”;A-, cdbd

I know he didn’t have one of these! The latter 2 vintage designs stand in stark contrast to those shown in the first 9 images. They offer a glimpse of less than intense interplay on the part of a main stream that would be puzzled by the drama in some other precincts.

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