The autumn time of year we’re now well underway with tends to be a time for enjoying rich foods and beverages. Here we go, then, with some culinary graphic designs which convey, with real panache, the gusto of dining!

Gino Boccasile was not endowed with a particularly healthy system; but his sensual art work constitutes a study of emotion trumping molecules. We have to go beyond North America to derive graphic cheering for the poetry of food. And Italian zeal for a lovely meal might be the height of this wise madness. We’re clearly going beyond vegetables and extra virgin olive oil here, and it is the rendering of the marvelous central figure which conveys a universe of simple delight. 




Another country, another world, entailing a less obvious but no less powerful devotion to the blessings of great dining– in this case with champagne to the fore. The elderly couple sharing an oldster flute may be behind the times in most respects but not at the dining room table.



Menton poster

Attention to detail is a French virtue; and here the attention lavished upon a small dash involves a pinch of Italian verve (Menton having once been Italian territory).




Prim gusto as only the Swiss could encompass! The omnipresent blue sky adds a touch of the heavenly to the earthiness.




“Cuisine for astute devotees of the land” is the tag line for this German restaurant. The darkened surround with its rich spotlight teems with creature comforts in frosty days.




A beautiful craft of nature delighting in a beautiful craft of bread making!. That great Italian designer, Marcello Dudovich, flies to the special heights of lovingly prepared food.




Exquisite drafting and lithography wrap up the regal emotive propulsion of the carefully crafted beverage.



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