At the beginning of the week we’ll look at designs we can touch and buy and bring to some kind of order. On Fridays, we’ll Get Outside and roam around where the odds against order really bite. As an example of unexpected and hard to engage illuminative composition (design), we begin with the Toronto Caribbean Festival Parade. (Quite a lot of the content from these Friday posts will derive from the urban fizz of Toronto today.)

With an overtone of reggae beats the sound waves of which from numerous massive speakers hit like a windstorm, the costumes and preening of the participants are both welcoming and bewildering. And that is just about spot-on for the many attractions the City offers.

As the weeks go by, we’ll focus in some detail upon specific attractions and the rewards and difficulties they represent. To touch upon the range of the invention coming at us, let’s take a peek at a bit of industrial design that touches us in so many ways, mostly unnoticed.

This bridge, created by a pair of penthouses spanning two condo towers, brings a twilight moment to a quizzical twist and sends the viewer spinning toward what that suspension would entail.

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