An obvious reality, of the field we so happily handle, is that the vast majority of the imagery pertains to women. As such (finally) it dawned on us that we’ve neglected a world of distinction along lines of men,and related to our vintage art collection, apparel during the Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras. (A coda here, being very much contemporary, in the form of  dandies’ apparel , particularly footwear.)

Our first fastidious gem by Andre Marty, comes from the Art Deco era which was a bellwether of the encumbered perfect.

Free as the breeze! But Marcel Hemjic’s choices of the ensemble was a construction surely harkening back to everything he reflected upon.

Paris wobbling between Art Deco and Modernism. But being a believer of the arts and a believer of the right color and texture.

Before Art Deco there was Art Nouveau, telling us that the bad old days of piety in apparel were over!

Embracing his drum set, with the extent of his nearly all-white vision, this new wave goes on to a solo where few would venture. The spirit of something new!

Observing many ancient initiatives, the reveller stands out as a work in progress.

All being a part of a chic terrain.

Taming the wild? Or, an attempt to add to a different wild?

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