There are many golden graphics energetically taking advantage of expanses of icy white to set in relief strange and potent impressions.
Posters for winter resorts are a major dimension of vintage graphics. Those well designed take a mysterious power in launching historical figures far from normal historical precincts.

The rather severe beauty here seems to be a result of refraction by the low temperatures. (This, in my opinion, is a work to delight in regardless of the season.)

Winter from the perspective of doughty little creatures is a subject quite irresistible to graphic artists assigned to promote recreational places and events.

An invasion of complexion-challenging snow can be both a source of delicate wit and bracing frisson, in the hands of a master like Andre Marty. (In this imagery, evoking Parisian chic, the snow factor has been tamed somewhat to resemble a gorgeous carpet.)

Yuletide graphics are of course a much traversed domain, and resourceful artists delight in endowing them with surprises.

In this design, “Winter Bewitches” is the theme, and delightful magic is everywhere in sight.

Here we discover how snowfall in Paris can be extra romantic.

As a final angle, within the wide range of strategies deriving from the winter motif, here’s a sense of inclement conditions tamed by technology.
Which approach do you prefer?

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