Round the World Cruise;Empress of Scotland (1926-1927);Maurice Logan; 10¾”x18 ½” B+, P; Cover; Booklet 48 pp.;22 full page color illus.

Our focus today is upon a remarkably conceived and printed booklet promoting two Canadian Pacific cruise tours (in 1926-1927)–one for the Mediterranean (by way of the Empress of France); and the other for the whole globe (by way of the Empress of Scotland). As we peruse the splendid art work of that exceptional designer, Maurice Logan, we’ll key our remarks to the peppy and incisive text. Of the Empress of Scotland–“She has the variety and comfort and cuisine so essential to a four months’ trip. Passenger elevators connect the eight decks of the vessel, and the oil-burning engines mean that there is freedom from dirt, dust and soot, and the annoyances caused by coaling or shifting coal at ports. Of the Empress of France–“The lounge-ballroom follows a scheme designed by Sir Christopher Wren, for the Royal Apartments at Hampton Court Palace…”





Both cruises begin in New York and their first port of call is Madeira, on the other side of the Atlantic.”Precipitous slopes flank the island, fluted with deep ravines, which give an almost architectural richness to the pedestal of cliff-bound shores.”





Both cruises stop at Algiers, an ancient city which the tour planners tout as once-horrific and still dicey. “Algiers for 300 years was the stronghold of the Barbary pirates, until France took hold, and the Kasbah at the crest of the hill still recalls the rule of the once-terrible Barbarossa and the Corsair Deys of Algiers.”





On the early leg of the world tour and the finale of the Mediterranean dazzlement, Monaco is evoked by this striking idyll. Perfect creature comforts and perfect sophistication! “Monaco is the high-stepping principality on the south-eastern coast of France, at which all the Puritan world shakes its finger… Monaco is traversed by the splendid Cornoche road, with its panorama of the Cote d’Azure to Nice, with vistas of lovely gardens and of cliffs surmounting the azure sea.”






Now headed for the riches beyond the Mediterranean, the huge trek ratchets up up the exotica! “Jerusalem has been destroyed and rebuilt so often (sixteen times at least) that some of the original streets of David’s Royal City are now eighty feet underground.”





We’re not in Ohio, Toto!





An early signature statement, the Collosi of Rameses. (On the optional excursion program.)





Parades are different there.





For those attracted to the inner life. “In Sumatra and Java we are in the mysterious sub-tropical paradise of Joseph Conrad’s romances.”





“In  1898 they passed into the possession of the United States. Today they form an interesting object lesson in what twenty-six years of modern efficiency methods have made in comparison with three centuries of old style government.”





“Hong Kong is a free port with a delightful freedom from customs formalities, and has its own currency.”





“Yokohama and Tokyo are rapidly being reconstructed by a courageous people.





“The first Hawaiians arrived at Honolulu a thousand years ago from Samoa, speaking a language akin to that of the Maoris of New Zealand.”





“For 43.85 nautical miles, passengers on the World Cruise will have the opportunity of studying the engineering miracle of an artificial waterway between two oceans.”


More great graphics from Maurice Logan!!


IMG_0119 IMG_0120 IMG_0121



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