PETER EWART (1918-2001)

During his studies in the late 1930s, at the Commercial Illustration Studio in New York, Ewart became especially fascinated by poster luminaries, A.M. Cassandre (eg. Normandie) and Tom Purvis (eg.Austin Reed).

The dynamics and sheen of such predecessors clearly struck a responsive chord, as Ewart went on to a career, at the Canadian Pacific Graphics Studio in his hometown of Montreal, of presenting travel vehicles and destinations with remarkable panache, as supplemented by an equally strong commitment to landscape painting that evokes the upbeat and mysterious implications of the land.

As thus prepared, Ewart’s work shows a special effectiveness in introducing the joyous, kinetic adventures of skiing, as enveloped in delicious, simple planes of color that cut to good times unadulterated by socioeconomic complications.

These same components add lustre to non-athletic graphics like The Canadian and Australia New Zealand.

While in New York, the young designer was captivated by the edgy powers of the City and its mysterious denizens. That excitement resulted in a quirky but glorious (Dick Tracy inspired) poster that just might be his masterpiece.

Please enjoy our Ewart graphics at this link: http://www.idesirevintageposters.com/ewart.html

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