For a full week, the Design Exchange was graced by artisans in action and in interaction, from that Centre of the Sublime, Hermes.It was not merely a showcasing of finely-wrought clothing, accessories, decorative designs and saddlery. But instead, the event was really about the passion for excellence and grace which the Hermes corporation brings to a widely unfocused world.
This   crafter of children’s clothes (based in Genoa) and her translator were very much about making this not a PR event but a sharing with us the delights of the moment, in bringing to light beautiful creations.

                                                      Beautiful creations like these jerseys.

                                                   This was not a shopping safari.

                                                   But the objects do have a magnetic power!

Even if you haven’t the slightest interest in riding horses, the energy and poise going into making a saddle is mesmerizing and inspiring.                                                          The picture tells it all!
                                                                                         Close to genius…
But it’s a strange and fascinating genius, in being, by and large, at a distance from 21st century design axioms.
Though the design of this scarf seems to seek a formal frisson, it is an anomaly within a generally bucolic exigency.

The design of the show, emphasizing hand-stitching, presses this (from one angle) old-fashioned priority.

And yet, the level of commitment to production brilliance overrides whatever compromises may be entailed in the practice. Hermes was the ancient Greek god of inspiration, a call to those who could pay the price of effort and courage to deliver the highest quality of phenomena. This program thrillingly alerts us to that factor of design mobilization, and ushers all of its visitors into a life of search and cherish.

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