The High Line Park, making an old elevated freight rail line return to life.

This being New York, you’re not particularly surprised by the pizzazz.
But the landscaping that went into its extensive gardens draws your eyes to those small and quiet features that constitute its greatest gift to the City’s harried souls. Many perennials—some quite unusual—have been masterfully arranged amidst the stonework of many days gone by (when equilibrium was not such a longshot).

The weekday clientele is quite touristic, and those seekers of fun welcome a rare easy-going (and inexpensive) form of enrichment.

If you love the design of 19th and 20th century warehouses (and want to be able to assimilate it in a leisurely way, this place is for you.

In the foreground, a design by Frank Gehry.

Ageing, but still a blast.

Another opportunity to cherish the coffee makers in our midst.

Those wooden, deck-sofas elicit arresting attitudes.

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