There is one more major consideration in covering our internet days, and that is the promotional feature of Social Media. The core of our engaging potential clients online, over and above our website, is the I Desire Vintage Posters Facebook. Please visit us and “Like” us. As I’m sure you know, the main feature of Facebook is “faces,” visual factors; and from our perspective the predominant visual force has to do with vintage graphic art. Our strategy has been to produce photos about design factors (as varied as architecture and basketball) and link the energies of what is generally Toronto experience to the energies of works from our collection.    (Stemming from the beginning of our using computers, we were fortunate in encountering a Toronto agency very adept at ”Search Engine  Optimization”[SEO]—the MOST important marketing tool for internet visibility and retailing.)



Burlington Skyway, Ontario,Canada

Not only does this process act as a magnet for the sake of wide-scale exposure of our gallery. But clicks into the Facebook postings produce increased website positioning via Google keywords like “vintage posters.” We find this methodology enjoyable inasmuch as it opens our eyes to the whole universe of design and its interplay with graphic art. This is a constellation we hope to introduce to many of our clients.



Often we activate a I Desire Vintage Posters Twitter version of our Facebook publishing in order to increase the range of those attracted to vintage poster art. Our blogs and Poster of the Month entries are especially involved in this marketing spiel.



Another feature of the site which makes its way to the Facebook transaction is our Poster of the Month, which constitutes a hit parade and heads-up for those who like to be seen on top.  Enjoy Our Posters of the Month Archive  appearing since 2009!






To date we’ve  produced one I Desire Vintage Posters Podcast , thanks to our friend, artist, Eugene Knapik.

It was lots of fun with Eugene’s  family of pets surrounding us in his home studio! We hope to follow with many other examples of this fun medium!




Our former intern, Shannon Uhera, has produced two great YouTubes, celebrating fashion and  rare, vintage fashion design graphics as seen in our Artistic Magazines Gallery!



One of the most enjoyable and edifying interactive features is our Testimonials page. Here the range of intent beyond decor and amassing a collection is fascinating and stimulating! Here we have appreciative comments from collectors worldwide who decorate for their home, office, restaurant and from those those purchasing special  gifts.



Our frequent blogs covering the gamut of design (and centering, of course, on graphic design–now numbering more than 250) are intended to provide clients with the roots and branches involved in vintage graphic poster art. And an interactive component in these blogsites adds to the understanding of promotional lithography.



Rounding out by way of our website , here are some notable interactive moments. A historical museum in Shreveport Louisiana, needing the French Belle Epoque beauty shown here!




Our discovering a collection of very rare Hopfmuller lithographic covers for the arts magazine, Shadowland, in the 1920s, was a windfall which could only have happened in cyberspace. And a collector’s finding us and buying all of them were due to the sound optimization of our website!



A cat breeder and international judge of the species Russian Blue, finding us online, coming to our studio and acquiring a wonderfully eclectic collection of vintage graphic art–memories are made of this! BTW, she loved Lola, our sweet overweight rescue cat. “She has beautiful fur!”



L’Illustration Noel Mucha 1896

A Japanese account, which entailed FOUR DOZEN emails, including a generous friend in LA who worked out the translation to ensure correct and safe shipping advice!



Finding and selling this treasure shown. Without the internet, the moment would never have occurred!




PART ONE: http://www.idesirevintageposters.com/blogs/where-weve-been-i-desire-vintage-posters-turning-30/

PART TWO, PART THREE, PART FOUR:   http://www.idesirevintageposters.com/blogs/2017/02/



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