We welcome the World Wide Web  in 2000!

Our first sighting of the rich vein of vintage poster art happened in New York City. After many years of cherishing the City as a seductive hub of dance, fine art and literature (the latter area being seen as a market for our wares), we were in a kind of seventh heaven on discovering a new world to explore.

That history provided a special delight when, near the outset of our internet days, the New York Times, Summer, 2001, ran an article about us in their digital design head’s up column, The Circuit Section! Though a website was obviously necessary by the year 2000–when, incidentally, we left our day-jobs to become full-time vintage poster dealers–we were far from internet-savvy and several years passed before, with our third and present webmaster, we were fully en route. Our story today (and again, next week) covers the stages of idesirevintageposters.com

Being visible as a website (in response to a keyword like “vintage posters”) involves rather arcane coding and social media strategies. If I look puzzled here, there is a good reason for it!



(From our Business Diary) )One of the first responses to our early site came from thisBoston couple who were vacationing in Toronto. They were not equipped as today’s clients are, with a mobile phone platform to express their interests. Instead they copied on paper from their box-like PC the choices they wanted to see.




The mainstay of our home page has been the horizontal banner at the top of the page.  And also nearby is the image, installed in 2001, of our logo, in the form of a seagull over our nearby Great Lakes. It has been put into service from one of the most cherished instances of our inventory, namely, Norman Fraser’s 1936 gem for Canadian Pacific.




Size of collection matters in a website; and over the years we’ve supplied to the savvy builders several new galleries to meet an increasingly youthful clientele. One of our first steps in that regard was our Fashion Gallery.




Our Surrealist Gallery has been a labor of love for us, and the few clients in that catchment have been a pleasure to encounter.




A lovely and loving sense of the future, courtesy of the graphic design commitment of that internet icon, Steve Jobs!




Such views as these, from our Canadian Collection, have been very warmly received!





The core of the Canadian gallery was provided through acquiring a large collection from a British aficionado who reached us by–of course!–our website!



We’ll close our first look at internet marketing with the thrill we had in being noticed online by the Fossil apparel and accessories corporation, in connection with their recent project of testing the waters for arts and design works on paper. The above poster was one of a large lot of posters purchased by Fossil. The special Texas warmth and professionalism to which we were treated marked one of the most vivid business pleasures of all!


PART ONE of our historyhttp://www.idesirevintageposters.com/blogs/where-weve-been-i-desire-vintage-posters-turning-30/

PART TWO, PART THREE : http://www.idesirevintageposters.com/blogs/2017/02/

PART FIVE, PART SIX : http://www.idesirevintageposters.com/blogs/2017/03/


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