At the time covered by our first I Desire Vintage Posters  anniversary blog ( Jan. 31) , we were, on week-days, occupied with jobs and working evenings and weekends with our vintage poster business. It was a fun, busy and challenging time. Our goal was that one day we could begin to focus full-time with I Desire. In the 1990’s our salaries were directed toward building our inventory. We became very active in acquiring part of the still-voluminous cache of lithos to be found at doable prices in Europe. This was  very fortunate timing to have begun our business when we did. Our posting today and next week  will give a tiny sense of where we’ve been and who we met, to our great-good luck! (The many trips we made extended from 5 weeks to 4 1/2 months.)

Our first scene, in Torino, has been chosen inasmuch as it emphasizes the personal flow of contacts which marked so many of our dealings (and which echoes the nature of our home/ studio situation).  


Another destination which makes us thank our lucky stars! As in the first instance, here we were in Italy which we became very fond of. Warm hospitality with mutual October birth dates to celebrate over great Italian meals in their gorgeous home and in a notable restaurant during our time with this lovely family and their young twin sons.



In the very center of rural France, we were welcomed royally by two exceptional and unforgettable colleagues and friends! Homemade gourmet feasts with the best champagne and wines we have ever tasted!



Then there were events, like the Noviglio Canal in Milano. Here the actions were brief and anonymous; but they filled our hearts in many ways!



Treasures of Tours on a Sunday morning.



Discernment is needed amidst such rubble. But occasionally, very surprising gifts were lying in wait!



Each of the finds in this venue brings a personal twist to the trade.



Two sides of finding what we love, in out of the way places!



At a pop-up trade-show in France. We wonder where these gentle folks moved through the years since last we heard of them.



We did come across many beautifully appointed galleries far from the big centres.




A champagne restaurant in Reims. A wonderful lunch surrounded by fabulous original posters! With a huge  tasting cave (underground of course–right side photos).



Some gems we found!

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PART THREE of our history: http://www.idesirevintageposters.com/blogs/i-desire-vintage-posters-turning-30-part-three/


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