There are many sports moments for fun and many sports crescendos for profit. What could be more mainstream and easy to understand?

Actually, when you take a steady look at these phenomena, they get surprisingly complicated! For every activity of this kind there is a field of fun or for the sake of health and, on the other hand, a profit centre (which would not be without its dimension of fun). Perhaps, then, the most fascinating aspect of this world-wide mania is the wide range of motives it encompasses, and thereby the varied payoffs from the point of view of fans. (Win, at all cost, for civic pride; or evoke youthful graces; or a bit of both.)

“Up and Over,” then, becomes an apt opening inasmuch as it affords a quite simple, intimate factor within a maelstrom of dizzying cross-purposes. With neither friends, loved-ones, paying spectators (and, presumably, no priority of training for eventually making a splash with fan base) to get in the way, our fair lady delivers sheer dynamics, and the dashing beast increases the investment in something not on the order of mainstream life.

At peace with lovely nature, while perhaps preparing for cut-throat competition (Winter Olympics competition?)–this is the rest of the overture to our reflection!

The point being in league with soaring heights as a full slate.

A one-woman embrace of motion; but including wondering of a twosome!

When does a mysterious and rare undertaking lose its way in the course of showing off to a sub-culture imagining itself to be a master race?

That being Olympian is massively volatile comes to us very effectively in this Italian Fascist idealization. We have here: love of country; love of dynamics; lust for fame and fortune; and looking down on losers.

To be a figure of awe for mere mortals. Where cash-flow gets blindsided with kinetic grace, thrill-seeking, ego and sadism.

The solitude of athletic accomplishment runs a gamut consisting of the joy of the moment and the moment to bask in fame and fortune!

Where does the delight in pushing one’s body and soul to remarkable heights become a national/ political property?

From long-jump notable to a new life! The synthesis of poetry and prose, robust (sports-based) well-being and a hankering for better opportunities, introduces yet another political slant to the range of athletics.

Come for the cure, come for the state of not needing a cure. Moreover, come for that politically dicey place to test one’s equilibrium where equilibrium failed in spades.

Hiking in style need not be as wimpy as frequenting a gym in the latest styles only to play with your phone in hopes of becoming some kind of celebrity. Here the terrain and elements are challenging and a test of stamina and coordination. Being alone with big vistas can be very much a “getting away from it all,” if only for a little while and then back to being a trend-setter.

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